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The Republic Gunship will be recognized by fans of Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. The ship was obviously fashioned after helicopters. Mars has modeled this Republic Gunship for Attack of the Clones Total Conversion and they are very lucky to have him on their team. The ship looks great in-game, though I did have a bit of difficulty even getting to the point where I could fly the darn thing. The ship actually started moving in a circle on its own and ran me over several times ... hehe.

As you can see from the screenshot, the model that Mars made is pretty much a perfect replica of the Republic attack gunship. So if you're looking for some variety in ships to play with on maps like KOTOR Flight School, you should check this one out. Great work, as always, Mars. :)





Title			:Republic Gunship 
Vehicle Imports		:Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1" 
Modeling		:Mars Marshall "NeoMarz1"
E-Mail			:[email protected]
Website			:http://www.geocities.com/[email protected]/ 

File Name		:gunshipVM.pk3 
File Size		:981KB 
Date Released		:11/25/2003 

Description		: This is of course the Republic Gunship from AOTC. I was able to get the rocket launchers to work, however thats the only supported weapons at this time.

******************************READ THIS BEFORE PLAYING***************************************

1) In order to spawn the craft you need to acivate cheats heres how you do it.

Singleplayer- Load a level, I suggest the "Trip" levels, the once your in the game make sure you move your character to an area big enough to spawn the craft (big and somewhat flat) hit "shift and tild (~)" to activate the console. Next type "devmapall"...hit enter (cheats are now on)...next type "npc spawn vehicle (vehicle's name)" Example: npc spawn vehicle gunshipx.

	Here are the npc vehicle names for this pack...

	cont... close the console by hitting the tild (~) again. Now this is the most important part, move back to allow the ship to spawn, it may need alot of space. Once the ship spawns you simply move up and hit your "USE" key (usually return). Now you can fly!
	**Now read this part carefully**, or you'll end up crashing into everything before you know it. To lift off you push down the space bar, but dont hold it down too long or youll activate the turbo thrust (this will cause a crash almost always), just lift off a little and tap the forward key a few times. The more times you tap the faster you will go. Use turbo only when you know you have enough space to jet.

Multiplayer- To activate cheats, you do thing a little different. activate the console by hitting shift+tild(~). Next type /devmapall "mapname". Example: /devmapall kotor_flight_school. The map will load with cheats activated. Now join the game and find a large area to spawn the craft. Open the console again and type /npc spawn vehicle "vehicle name". Example: /npc spawn vehicle falconvm. Notice that single player you have to put the "/" slash before the command.

2) You can only have so many .veh files or the game wont even load a map. So you may have to pull vehicles out in order to use other ones. I think the limit is 12, but I'm not sure. If you happen to have the "Kotor_flight_school" map, then there are already 3 vehicles added to your overall amount. You may want to remove the map, or open the pk3, and remove the vehicles in the "Kotor" files. I like the Kotor map to fly around in, so of course I chose the second option.
	One thing you may want to do is create a folder called "vehicle drop" in your base folder. That way you can shuffle vehicles in or out as needed.

***Trouble shoot***	
1) vehicle wont spawn- make sure you have enough space to spawn, make sure you have cheats activated, make sure you use the proper npc name.
2) vehicle wont take off- You may have spawned the vehicle too close to a wall or rock. This will ancor the vehicle so that it wont move.
3) The vehicle keeps crashing- Read instructions up above, if you practice youll find that controlling the craft is pretty easy with practice. Big note here, you need a map with alot of room. Also keep from flying to high because the maps will have an invisible ceiling height that will cause you to crash. If you fly to fast into a cliff wall, you will be sent into a spinning crash! The crash detection is very sensative to fast collisions.

***Known Issues***
1) Gunship rockets dont work in Single Player.


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