RGB Compatible Rebel Pilot

rebelpilot_sp.zip —


other RGB compatible skins do, meaning it is possible to change the colour of the characters clothing ingame. To do this, first of all you will need to change to the correct skin using this command in the console: model rebel_pilot/spThen you can change the colour to whatever you like by using the RGB commands in the console: char_color_red char_color_green char_color_blue For a black flight suit, you can set all three values to 256, like thus:char_color_red 256char_color_green 256char_color_blue 256I had quite a bit of fun with the colours and I would love to see this kind of modifaction on some of the other base JKA skins! The only thing I can really suggest to improve is to add the modifiable skin to the skin selection menu, as its just quicker and easier to pick it from there than to type the name out in the console whenever you want to use it. Otherwise a fun skin here! :DNew Sounds: NoBot Support: NoTeam Support: No (You can just use the Base JKA team skins!)~Nozyspy~


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