Rick's World

When I first read the description of this map, and saw 'traps' and 'surprises', I thought it was going to be pretty cool. Alas, I was ve...


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File Description

When I first read the description of this map, and saw 'traps' and 'surprises', I thought it was going to be pretty cool. Alas, I was very shocked.

The main area. No, the entire map is just...floating in space. Don't ask me if it's a space ship or something, because I don't know. But anyways, there are four areas that you can go to. Three of them are buildings dedicated to people that hte author knows, and have a picture of that person somewhere in each room. One room is themed towards the Fantastic Four, another one has an Egyptian theme, and another one has a CG babe theme. Yes, it's filled with CG bikini babes, and there's a picture of a guy on the ceiling for almost no apparent reason.

There is a rancor cage, and a tauntaun jousting area. I don't think that the tauntauns will respawn when they run out, so that's something to work on. There are traps in this map, and I couldn't find any disarming mechanism in any of them, so if you go into them, you die. I thought this map was really blocky, and that's one big thing that could be changed. But for a first time map, I guess it works. But if you really think about it, the opinions of others don't matter at all when it comes to making something. The only thing that matters is if the author is satisfied with his work. So, this is an interesting map, and if you want something interesting, then you should download.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Rick's World
AUTHOR: CarshmaValier
E-MAIL: Carshmavalier@hotmail.com

FILENAME: rickworld.pk3

CREDITS: I would like to give credit to Carli Jal-es for his help with this map. He taught me lots.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy rickworld.pk3 into your base folder. (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base)

DESCRIPTION: This file is my very first one. I wanted to make something that reflects myself, my Brother and my nephew (Since we all enjoy playing JA).  Each of us have our own building (Fighting arena). There's a lot of hidden surprises within this map. Trap doors, secret passages and secret areas. If you get tired of battling others, then there's a rancor pit for all your killing needs. There is also a jousting area, if that's what you fancy.


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