Here we have a map called Rift, or Rift Duel. This is also the first map this author has released so let's keep that in mind.

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Here we have a map called Rift, or Rift Duel. This is also the first map this author has released so let's keep that in mind.

The arena file is set for duel, power duel, and ffa. Also, the author has attempted bot routes so I'll give him a cookie for that. :) In this map, there are three main rooms. The first, is a bridge that crosses a lava pit. The bridge itself doesnt look to bad although, more detail with it would have been better. Maybe some supports for the bridge of somthing to add to it. Also, on the bridge are two seperate light sources, the texture used for the sides, and the crystal models. Both together seam sorta odd. This room itself is a square with no detail work to break it up. The textures used are fine for the general feel, but you should avoid leaving rooms this bare, or should I say this square. The lava texture used is ok, but to me, it needs stretched some to keep the look of repeating from being so obvious.

The second room is, keeping with the same basic premise of the map, stone. This room is also a square room with several crystal models lining the floor and walls. Theres got to be around 50 of them here... way to many. The models on the walls, the author seams to have changed the color of the lights which is a plus; maybe the same for the models on the floor but not to the same degree.

The thrid area is a platform of sorts. Out of all three areas, I like this one the best. Model placement is kinda strange on the platform though, and the room is very very dark. The platform itself is somewhat small but should make for some close duels. The last thing with this area, the author does not appear to have used a skybox here. In the corners of the sky, you can make out odd textured places.

Detail is the key for this map. If a version two comes out, the author needs to use what he has, and add more detail to the feel of this map. The rooms are very bare and lack eye catching things. For a first released map I say good start, now show us some depth and keep at it. GL!


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Download 'rift.zip' (1.59MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE:  Rift
AUTHOR: Game_freak444
E-MAIL: Game_freak444@yahoo.com


CREDITS: Me (I am fairly new at mapping, and this is the first map I'm releasing online).


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip into your gamedata/base folder.


DESCRIPTION: A rift themed duel / power duel / free for all map (Map is a bit boxy, but I will fix this in the next version)


Known Bugs: Somehow I managed to get outside of the map while I was spectator mode. Sometimes the bots forget about the bot routes.


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels(just mention the author ;) ).

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