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If you liked the Rift maps that were included with Jedi Academy, you'll probably enjoy this map. It has some interesting areas for just FFA...


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If you liked the Rift maps that were included with Jedi Academy, you'll probably enjoy this map. It has some interesting areas for just FFAing and some decent areas for dueling. There are several areas that you can fall off from, so people like Plague and Shroom should be happy with that. :P

I never found the secret areas, but I didn't really look either. It's definitely a pretty map, though I'm kinda getting tired of that Rift look. I didn't find any major errors here and you'll be glad to know that bot support was included. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'riftsforums.zip' (3.4MB)

June 22 2004
Map Name   : "Rift's Forums"
Author     :  Darth T-Bone 
Email      :  Terry@perkwerx.com/
Website    :  http://www.perkwerx.com

Map description:
- For JA. Bot route included FFA & TFFA - PLAY THIS MAP ONLINE @

Authors Notes:
Alrighty. This map was created for use in the KRT Server ( At the present time, we primarily run a saber-only match that includes these force powers: Saber Attack / Saber Defend / Team Heal / and Team Energize.

As you can see, this is not an eye-candy map. I wanted a map that had that "Rift" feel, but I needed more prominent dueling areas. You can usually figure out where you are and you can tell a team mate either “I’m @ the upper duel area” or “I’m at the lower duel area”. Pretty simple……..no, REALLY!
There’s a quasi secret area where the KRT Roundtable meets (we probably won’t be in there when you find it ? ) and if you get bored (and I mean REALLY bored) there might be a jetpack sitting around somewhere! Huh? A soda machine? What?
I might have rushed the map in some areas (oh, you’ll see ‘em) and there’s not too much detail. So, take it or leave it. I really don’t give a rip, but I hope you give it a shot and TRY to have fun.

Additional Credits to:
- Eagle, Soul, Filipe, and Shane
Thanks to:
- Mrs Darth T-Bone and Remo.

Beta testors:
- <-KRT->Shane
- <-KRT->SoulRomdream
- <-KRT->Eagle
- <-KRT->Mike
- ....and other<-KRT-> members (genocide among others)
*Play Information*

New Sounds   : NO 
New Textures : Yes
New Models   : No 
Bot Support  : Of course!


Built with 1_01 patch installed
Brush Count             : 1134
Entity Count            : 247
Base info               : designed from scratch.
Software used           : GTK Radiant, Photoshop 
Known Bugs              : None known
Build Time              : A few weeks. Working on it off and on
Compile Time            : don't remember - I went to the bathroom :-)  
Developement Machine    : Hmmm what is this thing again?                           

*How to use this map*

Place the riftsforums.pk3 into your base folder and select from the ingame menu. To un-install delete the Wayland.pk3 from the base folder. 

*Copyright / Permissions*


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