Riguref's ship and the Lunar Temple

Sir Baggiepants, a modder I know primarily for making lugormod paraphenalia, has stepped out of this realm somewhat to forge an RP map of so...


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Sir Baggiepants, a modder I know primarily for making lugormod paraphenalia, has stepped out of this realm somewhat to forge an RP map of sorts. Suffice to say, it can use some work =_o.

When I first entered the map, I was greeted by deafening silence. "But Averus, punter of my future children, there's music! Surely that must count for something!" Yes, but that doesn't correct the fact that there is absolutely NO ambient sound, at all. This also includes objects like doors, streams, consoles, the whole nine yards. There is ONE noise in the map, and it originates from a room that I will get to later.

Shifting gears, we look at architecture and design of the areas. -=Organ Fanfare=-

Starting off with the ship, allow me to sum it up in one word: Dull. 97% of the ship was covered in the same one texture, and it conveyed absolutely no detail of a working ship. It had no light sources, not much variation in design of rooms, and the silence, as mentioned before, was deafening, once the music was turned off. However, that'd take more time than a typical eager RPer would want, so it can be overlooked for the most part if you lack the care for it. I still want to emphasize that the ship in particular would have benefited highly from ambient noise, particularly in the space variant. Consoles making useless noise, doors opening, maybe even some noise from that completely nonsensical item you call the engine =_=.

Another thing to mention, while I'm on the topic, is that the ship's interior architecture was very uninspired. The majority of it looked like a rather cheap knock off of the Serenity Map. While there are deviations, and you did acknowledge your inspiration of it, I think you could have at least made a little more creative deviations with it. The final thing I want to address with the ship is the very peculiar(and I'm guessing lazy) entry hatch to the ship in the landing area. (Accessed by hitting use on the computer console in the left cockpit region.) Few ships have ever made a sliding triangular hatch; none that I know of have made one. Case in point, not only does it seems to convey laziness, it looks pretty gaudy in comparison with the rest of the ship's exterior.

Now then, moving away from the ship, we step into the lunar temple. Now, I've never razed a lunar temple before, although I have taken the time to defile and convert it to my whims. This temple is actually more interesting, but still suffers from the ambient noise factor. Beginning in the landing area, we take a quiet stone door to a neat little chamber with a beam of lunar light shining down upon a tiny dais platform. I looked up, and uh....the moon wasn't there. I'll be honest, I have no idea how skyboxes function, but if you're able, I'd suggest finding a way to tweak it so the moon is positioned at such an angle that rays would shine down how you have them set. Fixing it any other way would make it look rather awkward.

Proceeding onward, 4 doors take us to a few areas, all of which are reached by corridors with light crystals. A decent touch, compared to the ship. The corridor leading to the lunar pool had streams and mini-waterfalls that I think could have used some ambient noise @_@ and the glass could have been done away with. A called out note here was that there was a leak in the doorway leading to the lunar pool. Fair enough; it was by luck that I found it, seeing as I didn't read the readme beforehand.

Another room nearby was a beam room. Here, worshippers came to worship the only sound in the map other than the music. The beam's sound didn't even sound right. I honestly thought it sounded like some engines. The last room in the temple was a crystal room with some mini waterfalls draining into a pool. Ambient. Noise. For. The. Destruction.

Well, that was interesting, was it? Overall impressions said to me that this map would definitely serve it's purpose as a very economically friendly RP map. Otherwise, it needs some pretty hefty work. Hope you took some notes, as I must say this was probably the most critical I've been of you as of late, Sir Baggiepants XD. Honestly though, I think if you put a little more effort, primarily in the noise department, this could do alright. However, if it serves the purpose you want it to serve, then don't let me stop you =_=.

As for the rest of you peasants and demons, you are implored to make your judgments, and use your bandwidths accordingly =_= failure to do so will result in a paradox, as I don't think there's a way to actually violate that command unless you somehow freeze yourself in a flux of time, or something of that nature.


New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Rigurefs Ship and the Lunar Temple
-By Sir Baggiepants

Website: www.freewebs.com/bmapping


Introduction: This map contains two sections the first section called "Riguref's Ship" is a space ship designed to hold a crew of seven. Riguref is simply a character of mine and really holds no real signifigance to this map except the name. A few elements of the ship were taken from other ships (though not stolen, I made this thing from scratch.) the cockpit has quite a few elements of the Ebon Hawk's cockpit. The next one was unintentional, but the body shape of the over all ship is quite similar to Serenity from firefly. The second section is called the Lunar temple, and it holds a medium sized temple with only the lighting of the moon and of crystals.


Things to know: A few things you might want to know, for one, all the doors on this map are opened by pressing your use button. (By default "R".) You will spawn in Rigurefs ship. You may start to feel a little cramped in the small ship, luckily there is a way out. From the ship's kitchen, goto the cockpit. To your left there will be a computer. Walk up to it and press the use button on it. You should be teleported to a version of the ship docked in a big circular area lit by the moons blue beams. To get out of the ship, run down to the bunkers and now, at the end of the hall, there will be an open hatch. Once your out of the ship you will see a door to your left which leads to the Lunar Temple. If you get stuck in the room with the beam because you fell and don't have a high force jump, jump into the beam. It'll teleport you back to the main hall. If you get stuck in the pool in the room with the crescent moon, swim towards the moon. There's a ledge that you will end up on.


Special Thanks: I thank anyone who pointed out any flaws in my maps and gave comments (negative or positive) about them. I also thank the jk3 files team who somehow manage to upload alot of files in what little spare time they may have. I also thank them for knowing the difference between critiquing and Criticizing.


Installation: Simply unzip the "Rship&Ltemple" zip file and place "rship<emple.pk3" in your JKA/Gamedata/base folder.


Known Bugs or Issues: The chairs in the cockpit of the ship landed at the temple have their bounding boxs behind the place they should be. I couldn't fix this because in GTK Radiant they were exactly where the should've been. And when you open the door to the pool, if you look down, you can see the void. I could not fix this because it already took my computer about an hour to compile it and I've no desire to wait through all that again for something you won't notice unless your trying to see it. Though I will admit the map would probably be better with that small change.


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