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Sir Baggiepants here presents us with his latest creation, version 2 of his “Rigurefs Ship and the Lunar Temple” map. Now, I haven’t played the original map, but I did have a good look at all the screenshots, and I can say that the map is definitely much improved from the last version! The ship for one, which looks similar to a Zeppelin air ship (which is hinted at in the name of the map in the selection menu: Travels of the Zephlin) has been much improved both inside and out. The ship now has much better use of textures, better architecture and the whole map has proper lighting. :)

The ship is divided into three floors, each containing what seem to be passenger rooms with beds and such. The bottom room contains the bridge area (the bridge on a real Zeppelin being on the bottom, not the top) and the top level contains two teleporters. One of which takes you to the Lunar Temple portion of the map, the other of which you are teleported back to when you leave the Lunar temple area.

Now, onto the Lunar Temple area. This is a very interesting part of the map I think, the concept of an ancient temple on a far flung moon just captures my imagination. You teleport o a large outdoor area under a starry sky, with the entrance to the temple in a nearby mountain. The whole Lunar Temple area is lit in an otherworldly blue light, both inside and out. The main feature of the temple is a hidden room, which contains a Jade crystal. There is a clue to its location written in one of the rooms in the temple, and the crystal itself shoots a beam of light up into the sky where it is visible from the outside.

Personally I liked the map on the whole, the repeated crescent moon motifs in the temple area were quite clever I think, and the architecture and use of lighting was also pretty good. There are some things I feel could be improved upon however.

Inside the Lunar Temple area is a bit too dark in my opinion, it could do with some more ambient light to make it easier to see where you are going. The main thing that needs to be looked at however are the doors. You need to press the use key on the doors in order to open them, but the problem is the doors don’t seem to have a delay or wait key on them (it’s a mappers thing). Basically what this means is that no ‘wait’ or ‘delay’ key has been used for the doors in Radiant. This means that when you press use on the doors, you can instantly press use again. So if you hold down the use key a bit too long the door will keep making the opening sound but wont actually open because the signal for it to open is being sent multiple times instead of just once, which kind of messes it up. The solution to this is to put a ‘wait’ or ‘delay’ key on the door entity in Radiant.

This will make sure you can only press use on the door once in a certain amount of time (2 seconds for example) and there is also a slight delay of perhaps a second or so until the door opens after you press the use key. The only problem is, I can never remember which one, ‘wait’ or ‘delay’ applies to which aspect. XD

Sorry if that sounded like gibberish to the rest of you guys, that’s really more for the author and other mappers that would understand it. ;)

To wrap things up, all in all I think this is a good map with a very cool atmosphere to it, although like I said there are some things that could be improved upon. Well, that wraps it up, if you guys like the look of this map, then give it a download! :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA




Rigurefs Ship and the Lunar Temple (V2)
-By Sir Baggiepants

Website: www.freewebs.com/bmapping
Email: [email protected]


Introduction: This is the second map of what I call "Riguref's Ship and the Lunar Temple (V2)" Which I wanted to call "Travels of the Zephlin" but I realized I couldn't because this truely is a second version. However, I remade everything. The ships body no longer looks like a serenity rip off and is now a less common body shape as far as I know. The ship is called the Zephlin because it does look a little bit like a blimp (At least, that's what my little brother thought when he saw it.) and is alot bigger than the previous version's ship. Also their is a lunar temple on this map. The artifact hidden within this temple does not exactly have anything to do with the moon, but I think the temple itself looks very moonish. Still not an incredible map, but as always, I am progressively getting better. 


Things to know: A few things you might want to know, for one, all the doors on this map are opened by pressing your use button. (By default "R".) You will spawn in Rigurefs ship. (Also known as the Zephlin.) The second thing is that the ship no longer lands within a courtyard. Now the ship doesn't land at all. If you go to the top floor of the ship and run to the end of the hall, you'll find two circular rooms. If you run into the one to your left you will be teleported to another circular room located at the lunar temple courtyard. The doors of the teleporters are small so it takes a little practice before one can run through them without any problems. Please note that their are two secret areas in this map. Also there are always two ways up and down a level of the ship. But I created it so one can only go one way through certain stairs so that trafic doesn't become clogged.

Special Thanks: I thank anyone who pointed out any flaws in my maps and gave comments (negative or positive) about them. I also thank the jk3 files team who somehow manage to upload alot of files in what little spare time they may have. I also thank them for knowing the difference between critiquing and Criticizing. And I thank the reviewer of the first version of this map who pointed out alot of things which lead to me making this map. (Stuff like the lack of sound effects in the previous version.) I also thank the author of serenity who's map I did look at in order to figure out how to apply sound to doors properly. Also, I used that map to see how big the invisible steps for the ladders should be.


Installation: Simply unzip the &quot;Rship&LtempleV2&quot; zip file and place &quot;rship<empleV2.pk3&quot; in your JKA/Gamedata/base folder.


Known Bugs or Issues: I made the circle for the pool far too large, so their is some wierd lines you can see in the water. If you find any other issues, feel free to Email them to me, or post them on my website.

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