Behold =_= the beta has been converted..into a version.

Honestly, Rikku was prolly the second/third coolest character in the FF series th...


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Behold =_= the beta has been converted..into a version.

Honestly, Rikku was prolly the second/third coolest character in the FF series that I played (7-10-2, though the last one I regret ⌐_⌐) next to Lulu and Ultimecia. As such, I paid pretty close attention to appearance in my idolization.

So, does this really look like Rikku? Eh...no, not really. Only vague likeness is naturally in the garments, and even then it's still got a ways to go. I wish the author didn't skimp on the effort by forfeiting most of the creation through Zero Suit Samus, but sometimes it's always good to have a nice base. This, however, was not the best base. Rikku primarily has a much more untamed hairstyle, despite it's pony tail. This is just far too neat. First pointer: I would suggest a different model next time. I was going to actually suggest trying the Jaden Human Female OR the Leela Civilian Model by Antizac as a good base. Both have a relatively similar ponytail variant that could at least make the likeness slightly closer.

Face? Yeah, you better work on that like crazy -_- Samus looks nothing like a 15 year old.

Clothes. This is probably where it's most irritating, as there wasn't exactly too much likeness other than it color. You got the front part basically all wrong as a result of your lack of effort. Rikku's shirt basically had a rectangular ridge that ended roughly above chest height. Not very true to character with what you got there. Also, she had two buckles on her left side...for what for, I don't know.

The shorts were probably the worst looking here, as they somehow reminded me of a one piece swimsuit, and there are very few of us here who enjoy those >_>. The shorts probably needed lengthening...enough to start their journey onto the thigh, and then receive their cut off, as she appears to have cut off shorts in the ref pics I've consulted.(Yeah, I know I said I paid a lot of attention, but it's been a while XD.)

The socks and shoes? Eh, it's a good start. Not many people actually pay attention to that region. Might wanna clean 'er up though, and I think the metallic superfluous additions were black..

Okay, so I've pretty much torn apart this skin for the majority of the review. Let's go over what was actually good about it, shall we?

- The eyes: The one key thing that FFX diehards would remember is that Al-bhed had strange spiraling irises as a key racial distinguishment. Here, the author did very well to remember.

- Attempt at a team skin: An extra bonus skin he attempted was a blue team skin of Rikku with her trademark goggles on. Unfortunately, whilst it failed miserably, I solute him for the attempt nonetheless.

- Sounds: Sounds often can compensate and make a skin feel even better than it really is. Whilst there were background noises in SOME of the sounds, it was actually almost ignorable for the most part. Best of all, ALL sound areas were covered, which was good, because it's always a pain when your character suddenly has the generic voice.

Whilst the skin wasn't a complete success, I would definitely say to the author to give it another try if ye can. Here are my primary suggestions overall

- New model

- Make sure your skin tones match( I didn't mention it earlier but the arm tones are mismatched)

- See if you can afford to skin some more of her accessories, and do so if possible(sometimes it makes skins look uglier, but it's always worth a shot. If it fails, keep a backup texture.)

- Improve her current outfit in terms of accuracy.

- Keep a positive outlook. Sometimes crap doesn't go our way, but hey, something always works out.

Good luck, lad =_=

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- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'rikku_v2.zip' (2.69MB)

File Name: Rikku V2
Developer: Cloudstrife56
Email: Cloudstrife56@hotmail.com
Reskin of: Zero Suit Samus (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Zero_Suit_Samus;76770) by Tyrael64

Installation: Put the pk3 in the base folder.

Uninstallation: remove the pk3 from the base folder

Description: I got a craving for Final Fantasy X Rikku, so I reskinned Tyrael64's Zero Suit Samus model. It looks a bit like her, and she's my second version.

Legal stuff:


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