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RJ Sublime is going to be a very familiar map for many of you who played JK2. I think I reviewed that map several months ago. And I remember...


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RJ Sublime is going to be a very familiar map for many of you who played JK2. I think I reviewed that map several months ago. And I remember liking it. :) RJ Sublime 3 has been made specifically for JKA and it surpasses my expectations.

Nothing has really changed from the map for JK2. The glass platform is still quite breakable and it can be resurrected. The dueling rooms are still the same and the same secrets can be found in the same places. But there has been a ton added here. There are many, many tunnels to explore and they lead to several different areas. The author has included a Swoop Arena and a very, very clever way of giving you the swoops. There is a room at the top of the map that is restricted access to admins only. You have to teleport into the room and press a couple buttons to allow access to swoops. The same goes for Taun Tauns. This makes it so much easier to control a server. Fabulous idea.

Bot support has been included and a ton of new textures (well, same as the ones that were in the JK2 map). I am quite impressed with the addons and the FPS is still wonderful. I can't wait to see what else Ruggiero makes for JKA. And I am most likely adding this map to my server. I can't recommend this map enough! :D

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel


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Download 'rj_sublime3-academy.zip' (8.31MB)


(for Jedi Academy)

This is a FFA/Duel map made for the Reborn Jedi Clan (www.rjclan.com). Based on my RJ_Sublime2 map for Jedi Outcast, it has been updated and extended for Jedi Academy. It can comfortably accommodate up to 20 players. 

There are many dueling / playing areas: 

A large outdoor courtyard, with an upper glass platform, which eventually breaks, and can be replaced by a large solid platform that rises from the ground.
A triangular dueling area

A tight-space (very tall) dueling area.

A large columned dueling/socializing area

An outdoor octagonal platform, for those who just can't get enough of Bespin. It is the same dimensions.

Two anterooms with unconventional dueling spaces: one is "rocky," the other is "bouncy"

A swimming pool and a wading pool.

A massive swoop-bike arena.

A warren of tunnels.

The map is geared for high frame rates so all doors function as area-portals, some of which have to be 'used.' All spawn in a central area with easy and quick access to the other areas. It has both bot and gun support. This is NOT a ctf map.

There are quite a few "secrets," perhaps more, depending on what you count. 

The buttons to replace the glass platform when it breaks, activate the TaunTauns, and activate the Swoop Bikes and quick teleport to the Swoop Arena, is available only to admins: TELEPORT POINT: -2890 1650 1080 0

There are custom textures, a few custom shaders, custom sounds, and custom duel music.

Installation instructions - extract rj_sublime3.pk3  to your Jedi ACADEMY base folder.


This map was made by -=RJ=-Ruggiero. It has been extensively tested, and is in our regular server rotation. 

Thanks go out to all the RJ's for their suggestions, beta-testing, and support: JayBaen, TheLizardKing, Tyrannus, Equanimity, Huma, TheBeast, Kyzene, OneWingAngel, Deacon and DarkSide. A special thanks to InfiniteWarrior and SubtleStar for patient support, ideas, and encouragement.

I hope you enjoy this map. If you have suggestions for improvements, please get in touch with Ruggiero via the www.rjclan.com forums.


-- -=RJ=-Ruggiero

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