I've seen all five Harry Potter films (multiple times each), and I've played a few of the released video games. In short I like to consider...


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I've seen all five Harry Potter films (multiple times each), and I've played a few of the released video games. In short I like to consider myself fairly well versed in what the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry should look like. This... most certainly... is not really what I had in mind. This map suffers from many of the basic problems that plague a lot of beginning maps. It's fraught with z-fighting, repetitive texturing, and a lack of caulking. The other portions of the map are also clearly visible from various locations (which makes it seem that the school is floating out in space).

There were a few places I did manage to recognize, and my sister came home and told me there should be a kitchen behind the portrait of the vegetables (although when she saw the 'kitchen' she was a little confused, so I'm guessing it didn't look proper). The portrait of Qui Gon... well I don't think JK Rowling put that in the books or the films anywhere. The entire map is 2-3 times larger than it should be, resulting in chairs larger than people and stairs that are impossible to climb without using the Force (and aren't clipped, by the way, so you really do have to jump up the stairs). Not all the stairs are the same size, either. There are no moving portraits (bummer, I know -- that would've been awesome).

Now I'm not one to pounce on a fan for making something they're a fan of, but really... if the author is a Harry Potter fan and can honestly look at his map and say "yeah, that's what it looks like" then it has me wondering. I myself would probably not try to recreate something I was a fan of unless/until I felt I had the skills required to do it well. This blocky, poorly textured building is simply not Hogwarts, and I strongly encourage the author to build up his or her skills and try again later, when the time is right.

Bot Support: Yes New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Modes: ffa, duel


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Download 'rjahogwartsv4.zip' (38.16MB)

Put the .pk3 file(s) into your
'JediKnight:JediAcademy/GameData/base' folder
Can't get easier than that


This is the Hogwarts School map for Jedi Knight Academy by RJA.
(The Botroutes bug)


-Chamber Of Secrets
-Snape Room
-Labyrinth for Harry Potter 4
1st floor:
-Secret room
-Points Rooms
2nd floor
-Great Room, (Great Hall)
-Secret Lair
3rd floor:
4st floor:
-Gryffindor Room
5st floor:
-Tower A
6st floor:
7st floor:
-Tower B

(The Description is not complet)

And 7 funny secrets ways...

ENJOY !!!!!


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