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Helping people is supposed to mean doing something right. The "Robert2005" script, which would more pro...


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Script rating: ½ (out of four)

Helping people is supposed to mean doing something right. The "Robert2005" script, which would more properly be named the "Auto-Kick Script," makes your spacebar an auto–flip-kicking button after you press hyphen (' - '), and is disabled after you press equals (' = '). The author tells us that his intent is to help newbies with the game, but how does this minimal effort script accomplish anything? I was once a newbie, and I knew from common sense before day one that pressing a button won't help me learn how to play the game. That's why I dislike katas and butterflies, and that is why I dislike this script.

The mod is that if you execute the script in your console, and then press hyphen, you can flipkick someone whenever you press the spacebar, which can be changed; also, if you and an opponent face off with flip-kicks, you performing the auto and he/she the manual, you will win. The concept is that this will help people. When a doctor wants to help people, he fixes up your body, which is a good thing to do. When this script wants to help newbies flip-kick, it compresses the manual process into one single button, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the wrong thing to do. Newbies don't need to learn how to press a button, and it's not helping anyone if you cheat your way into the game.


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////////////// Robert 2005//////////////////// 

.............. By Robert Esmonde .............. 


Installation Instructions. 

Extract all of these files to: 

How to use.               ---Come Visit the SaS clan server---

When ingame open up the console via Holding Shift 
and then pressing tilide(key to the left of 1/!). 
And type /exec Auto_Rob  
this will activate my script you then press your key 
to turn auto kick on, Default - 
then when you use your auto kick key defaul SPACE 
you will kick then when you want to do a normal 
jump deactivate it default = 


A Auto kick script wich is very useful if you are 
strugling with performing a kick or just cant be 

Trouble Shooting. 

Q. I deleted the script but its still in the game how 
can i fix this? 
A. You must first open the console and type 
/exec jampconfig this will restore default settings 
or you can type /unbind <Script Key> 
the first method is better 

Q. Will this script defeat a manual kick if you and 
another player both kicked at around the same time? 
A. Yes 

Q. Will people beable to see when i activate this? 
A. No 


Well this was a solo project i did on my own 
the reason i made this was well noobs need help 
and my previous script didnt have much of a impact 
(My infamous &quot;Mod&quot;). 
But i thank Filefront. 
And most of all the only man i look up to 
the one the only 

Ville Valo 

Happy killing XD

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