Rodian of Alliance

Well, we have here a rodian reskin. The vest and several other areas were changed to yellow, and a few other areas were also changed in colo...


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Well, we have here a rodian reskin. The vest and several other areas were changed to yellow, and a few other areas were also changed in color. Although it is fairly simple, it looks good and pulls across what it wanted to. No plastered symbols, no awkward paint bucketing. Really, I would keep this skin for rodian since I tend to like it better than the Raven one (which was plain ugly). The only problem I had was a few human male sounds for a rodian. Not exactly….normal. Especially at one point you hear new rodian sounds, and other times you can hear human male sounds from Raven. If you’re going to add new sounds, put them everywhere, or if you’re going to use Raven should make them work with the new sounds.

If you like rodian reskins, check it out.


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Rodian Of Alliance
Title: Rodian of Alliance
Author: Ferocious
Pk3: rodian_of_alliance.pk3
Date released: 31 october 2006
E-mail: Currently none ( Due to technical errors and short of time, contact me at if there are serious problems. )
This Rodian, is not just a rodian... This rodian was specially made for the (jawa)
clan. We have formed an alliance and as present/token I have, in name of my clan 
*{JK}*, made a Rodian for them. This is the reason why it's named Rodian of Alliance.
Of course everywone else is free to use it. Just so that if you ever find this skin
and read this .. You will remember that this is a great object of alliance between
two clans...
Put the rodian_of_alliance.pk3 in your base folder. 
To uninstall simply remove this pk3 from your base folder.
(jawa) - They will ( hopefully ) be our ally for a long long long long time. ( Did
I mention a long long long long time? )
*{JK}* - The clan wich in wich I am leader, together with Hiddos and my fantastic 
JKFiles - Thanks for hosting this guys!

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