Romantic Tryst in the Crowd

Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called "Romantic Tryst in the Crowd ". I won't bore you...


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Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called "Romantic Tryst in the Crowd ". I won't bore you with another review of this mod, since it just adds on to the previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions.

Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review

All I'm going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme.

New Feature in version 21th

1. Saber PUll Attack

Remember the singleplayer game final battle when you choose dark side and you have to face kyle, Kyle can pull your saber with his force pull level 4, that's what you get too if you use quad mode, With quad mode you can pull enemies saber. Note : you cannot pull saber from people using quad mode, such as bot Kate_Walker and npc Nico_Collard.

2. Air jump level 4

Player with quad mode can jump multiple times in the air. Normally if we release jump button in the air, we are going down and can't jump again until we land, but quad mode allows you to press jump again to make you going up after releasing jump button in the air.

3. Lightning/Flame thrower two-handed effect

Previously the two-handed lightning or flame thrower only play the effect for the right hand bolt, Now we fix it, left bolt of your hand will also play the effect, make it more realistic. Note : flame thrower is transformed-lightning for quad mode (it has more power than lightning).

4. Poisonous Noghri Stick

Previously this weapon just like repeater splash, the damage can be reduced by armor, but it doesn't make sense because this is poison smoke projectile. (like what you see in singleplayer game) Now this weapon works like SP, has small damage but it's a poison smoke that cannot be absorbed by armor, You can always push the smoke projectile using force push.

5. Miscellanous. -Fixed force protect. Previously it still absorb force based attack, this should not allowed, force attack must be neutralized using force absorb. -Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (see the old feature below)

While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :)


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TITLE 			: Romantic Tryst in the Crowd (Dark Force Mod v.21)

== File Details ==

Category		: Jedi Academy Multiplayer MOD
Release Date		: 10 September, 2006	
Requirement 		: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
Developer		: Henry Christianto
Website			:
Email			:

== Development Credits ==
Microsoft Corporation	: Code compiler, Microsoft Visual C++.NET 2005

== Installation ==

1. Delete the previous dark force mod if you installing one.
2. Put the henry.pk3 file in your \GameData\base folder.

== Troubleshooting ==

1. If you do not see the message "Reading Mod..." when starting the game, ensure that the file 
   "henry.pk3" is located in your installation's "GameData\base" folder.
2. If the game crash when starting, ensure that you already install the Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
3. If any feature listed in this readme file are not working, clean up your base folder from 
   any other mod to prevent interference.

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