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I haven't seen the movie "Anchorman" yet. It looked hilarious and I plan on seeing it when I get the chance. Will Ferrell still hasn't h...


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I haven't seen the movie "Anchorman" yet. It looked hilarious and I plan on seeing it when I get the chance. Will Ferrell still hasn't had a really big hit yet, but he's a better actor than people realize, I think. This is a reskin of Lando (yes, I said Lando) and has been transformed into Ron Burgundy! Now, I know the face is a little ... well ... mangled looking, but it's a decent effort! The suit screams late 70s/early 80s. And I like what the author did with the team skins.

What really makes this skin though are the sounds. Thank goodness the author realized how important sounds are to add for celebrity skins. Considering the limitations of the models, you can't really get exactly the look you want. So the sounds really help in convincing you that the skin is a certain celebrity. :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Skin Name: Ron Burgundy – From the movie Anchorman, out in theatres now
Author: {NJO} Pilo T
Model: Lando
AIM: It Is Me Jacob

Bot Support: No
Team Support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes

I made this skin cause I love the movie Anchorman, and Will Farrel is my favorite actor. It took me a very long time to find a model that looked like Ron Burgundy, but when I was looking through the site for a model to use, I came across a lando skin that was remodeled and reskinned. That’s when it hit me. Lando has the same basic hair shape as Ron Burgundy,so I started and realized the suit didn’t look TOO bad on Lando, so I created as much of a Ron Burgundy as I could with the obvious model limitations. The Sounds really help make this skin a Ron Burgundy skin. I also wanted to get the obvious team color criticism out of the way. I already know my changes are way too simplistic, and, since the default skin is red to begin with they aren’t much different. But before you being yelling about it, realize that I put a great deal of thought into what I could change to make each color unique… the best I could come up with was to make the blue skin’s shoes black and to make the tie on each skin different. Other than that… the red skin is slightly brighter than the default, and the blue skin is… well, blue. This is somewhere around my 4th or 5th skin, and my Crazy 88 skin will be done soon and then released with a Beatrix Kiddo skin(Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill). Although my skinning talents don’t measure up to Revan Dark’s Hilting and Nathan’s mapping, I hope my Kill Bill skins, as simple as they are, will help add to the Kill Bill collection of JKA mods. When I learn how to make my own models (I’m learning hilting from Revan Dark right now actually) I’ll make some of the more complex characters that can’t be made with simple reskins right now. Anyway, this is the Readme regarding Ronn Burgundy, not my future skins, so I’ll stop going on about it.

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