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Rosh As Himself

How many of you thought Rosh was a fruitcake? *Raises hand* Anyways, presenting Rosh as himself! Oh my, where to start. Oh, first off, do...


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How many of you thought Rosh was a fruitcake? *Raises hand* Anyways, presenting Rosh as himself!

Oh my, where to start. Oh, first off, don't take this skin too seriously. Sit back and laugh at Rosh's silliness. First off, Rosh now has purple hair. Then he has a very black uni-brow. While I realise that this isn't a skin to be taken seriously, the uni-brow could use some work. It needs to have a more eyebrowish quality. Something that looks like hair. The next thing that Rosh now has is lipstick! Once again, the evidence points to Rosh being a fruitcake. Wait till you hear what's next. Rainbow clothes! Okay, well they're not rainbow clothes, but they've got lots of bright colors. But, not all of his clothes are bright colors. In fact, most of them are dark. That's not ''fruitcakey''. All of the clothes should be bright colors! But only if you're going to the fruitcake theme. And finally, Rosh has painted nails! This definitely confirms that Rosh is a fruitcake. Oh wait, he's just himself.

So, download this if you like Rosh reskins, or if you just want to kill him.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy

Rosh as himself
By: DragonDX (DragonDeluxe@Hotmail.com)

Raven Soft: For making such a hateable character
Jasc: For making Paint Shop Pro, which is better than Photoshop.
JediKnight files: For being such a great site.
and for those few people who might download this skin

Installation: Just extract the .pk3 into your base folder

Description: When I first started playing Jedi Academy I noticed that 
Rosh wasn't being himself. So I had the idea to make Rosh more like
himself. So this is what I think Rosh is really like. 
You may wonder why the file is name Rosh_AH, it is because AH stands for 
'As Himself'.Don't take this skin too seriously. That would ruin the effect. 

Bugs: There have been some sound glitches.

Comments:You may be wondering when I will start skinning seriously, and skinning well. 
The anwser is this: as soon as I can learn to model, put shaders in, fix all sound bugs, and 
learn how to use the acursed BehavED.

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