RotS Anakin Hooded - Robotic Hand

I was surprised when I discovered this skin was based on the Quinlan Vos model. It just struck me as odd that with so many Anakin models out...


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File Description

I was surprised when I discovered this skin was based on the Quinlan Vos model. It just struck me as odd that with so many Anakin models out there this author would choose the Quinlan Vos model. It does work okay, though. This is Anakin with his cybernetic arm. The actual Anakin skin could be better - it doesn't look entirely accurate to me, but the arm looks very neat. It even has a specular shader to give it that metallic shine.

We're also given bot support and new sounds, though there's no jump sound so you get Jaden's jump sound.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No


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Title: RotS Anakin Hooded - Robotic Hand
Author: Expert 
E-Mail: /

File Name: rotsanakin_robotichand.pk3
File Size: 2.03 MB 

DESCRIPTION: This skin, based on the Quinlan Vos model with the hair surfed off, is a hooded version of Anakin Skywalker as he appears in EPIII: Revenge of the Sith. But to give this skin an unique touch I've decided not to make the right hand just black but to skin the robotic hand as it looks like without the black glove as seen in one scene of RotS. The robotic hand doesn't look exactly like in Ep3 but I think it's okay...I just wanted it to look more robotic with wires and such stuff ;-) This robotic hand has a shader to give it a shiny and metallic effect when the light hits it.
I knew that the face could not look completely like Anakin since this model isn't made for a Anakin face so I tried to make the clothes of this skin as accurate as possible. I looked at many photos of Anakin from RotS in order to reach this aim. Most important here is that his shirt isn't really black but has a very dark purple color. Also the belt has this color because it isn't brown leather or something, it's the same material as the shirt with just a thin leather stripe over it. Besides I've decided to make the black leather less shiny. A more shiny leather might look a cooler but it is in my opinion not really realistic. Additionally I want to say that I also made a Sith version of this skin because I think we all know the scene in Ep3 when Anakin looks into the camera with Sith eyes and the hood up after he killed Nute Gunray and the other seperatists.

Bot Support: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
Team Colors: No

CREDITS: 1.) Credit goes to Aaron Smith for his Quinlan Vos model. I've included the original readme file of this model.
2.) Credit goes to phildaman46 because some of the taunts and sounds for this skin were taken from his "Episode III Movie Taunts"-pack.
3.) Credit goes to DarthScourge and HapSlash because the face of this skin is based on the Anakin face HapSlash made and DarthScourge released.

Put the rotsanakin_robotichand.pk3 file into the /GameData/base folder.
If the icons don't appear you will have type into the console for the default version:
/model rots_anakin_hooded
and for the Sith version:
/model rots_anakin_hooded_sith

If you want to use this skin for a mod or parts of the skin like single textures, you will first have to contact me by sending me an Email or a message at MSN. Thank you :-)

***Special Thanks to Trauma Sensei for explaining me how to put the shader on the robotic hand.***


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