Royal Cultist Ninja

Ninja? That can only mean one thing - undersaturated black and red cultist!



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Ninja? That can only mean one thing - undersaturated black and red cultist! yay2.gif

Fake enthusiasm aside, let's jump in.

Simply, what's been done is that the cult patterns have been changed to red, and the whole skin has been covered with an almost flat black. I can see little to no detail in there. The white bracers on the arm are out of place, as ninja don't wear bright colors, and they're just paintbucketed on, which looks terrible. The face has had a layer of flat black slapped across it in a failed attempt at trying to skin a mask on, and the eyes have been paintbucketed red.

The good points consist entirely of the recolored red patterning looking ok.

The bad points cover almost everything else. The paintbucketing, the lack of detail, the eyes, the faults in the design itself, the originality or lack of it, if you will.

I advise the author to find some tutorials which teach you how to actually skin, and not recolor and throw flat colors over the JPG. Skinning involves creating some materials yourself, and creating the outfit from scratch. Just adjusting a few sliders doesn't cut it, you have to get in there and do the work by hand. Develop your abilities to the point where you don't need to use those sliders, and where you can make original skins of your own, and then you'll go far. What's more, learn to use shaders to get the effect you want.

As it is, this skin has been done many times before, and it's been done better. Sorry, but this is just a sub-par offering.

~ Kouen

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Download '' (1.33MB)

Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
Made By-Me Gada
Works in freeforall not in single player and when you try to go on
another team it turns to the normel cultist.
Put in Program files,Lucas Arts,Game Data,Base
and play the game and there you can play with him.

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