*Unhallowed yawn* -_= Averus is most weary, yet he is not. Oh well, no one cares. BEHOLD, THE NEXT ITEM FOR THE SHRINE. We have a Rugby p...


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*Unhallowed yawn* -_= Averus is most weary, yet he is not. Oh well, no one cares. BEHOLD, THE NEXT ITEM FOR THE SHRINE. We have a Rugby player skin...=_o.

Man, not to offend, but had I peeked at what was supposed to be there before I fixed this file's .skin,(which, note to the author, was the problem =_=) I probably would have fled the country. I'll be honest and say this: I hardly know what rugby is even after a research session, but the outfit is enough to make me stop searching. We have a shirt, shorts, and a weird helmet. Follow the next paragraph to hear the best part!

This all was applied to a New Reborn! JOYOUS AND HAPPY DAYS....not really. The author merely skinned over it haphazardly. The result reminded me of MS Paint Pop-eye because of those massive forearms. The skinning job itself turned out barely okay, despite the program used, but I don't think anyone has forearms the size of pop-eyes unless they just came out of my alchemical lab. If that were the case, then I'd look the other way =_,=.

Overall, it portrays a rubgy(yes I said rubgy. Silence..I don't intend to fix it.)player, but a very steroid-infused one. At least he won't feel as much pain when one of his massive forearms is sawed off. My biggest suggestion is probably refraining from MS Paint next time.


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- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
I'm still a n00b at this stuff but I tried hard and I would like feedback!
A rugby player from my club with reborns face on
just extract the .pk3 to your base folder
example: c:\program files\lucasarts\Jedi Academy\GameData\Base 
CREDITS:me and lucas arts

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