Ruined Coruscant

Well, I'm not entirely sure how to classify these skins. Basic concept is, four characters involved in a post-apocalyptic version of Corusca...


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Well, I'm not entirely sure how to classify these skins. Basic concept is, four characters involved in a post-apocalyptic version of Coruscant.

First up is Raider, apparently an anti-hero of sorts; originally a criminal but now working for the good of the city. Imagine a cultist in latex, and you're not far wrong. The face is probably the most elaborate part of the skin, although it's somewhat out of place compared to the monochromatic color scheme shown by the rest of the skin. On the whole it's executed well, although the attempts at skinning muscle tone seem off-kilter; hopefully the shader fixes that. Raider is shown in screenshot #4, a ModView screenshot since no shot was provided as with the others.

Next up is DarkJedi. I'd like to point out a "plot" flaw with this one: dark Jedi aren't good guys. They're the evil equivalent of Jedi, who have not taken the Dark Lord of the Sith mantle. They're still bad guys nevertheless. A good Jedi outside of the Jedi Order doesn't typically exist, the closest you'd get is the neutral "Grey Jedi" (as they are commonly termed) - and even then, I'm not sure whether they are canonical or fan-fiction.

Onto the skin itself, though. Desaturated and darkened Kyle, with cybernetics textured over the top. I'm just going to come out and say that the lower torso is all wrong. You've got solid objects wrapping around in a way they'd never physically be able to do so, and even if said deformation was physically possible, the gears and cogs just wouldn't work. And the armor plate that magically curves? On a suit of armor, maybe. Basically, the gears and cogs and armor plating should have been kept on the flat bits. The open segments on the face/chest are somewhat out of place, but they don't look so bad. Not liking the large "plasma" (presumably) panel on the back, that just doesn't seem logical. The lower torso doesn't really work for the skin, but the upper torso isn't so bad.

And #3, PlasmaSoldier. As far as skinning technique goes, this one is at the bottom of the pack. That's not so important though, as you'll never see half of the texture - the shader gives it an energy ghost effect. Kind of reminds me of this unit from Civilization II's sci-fi game, y'know, the one that looked sorta like the Michelin Man or a fully-grown adipose, I forget it's name, repeller or something. Narrative-wise, there's a blip here, in that Trull says the PlasmaSoldier factory was taken over by hell. We all know sci-fi and religious superstitions don't mix well...

Last but not least. Demon. Again with the bad narrative mixture, demons tend not to exist in a world based on science, so why they'd pop in to a sci-fi franchise to destroy a planet, who knows? It's comparable to seeing Daleks pop up in a documentary about dinosaurs, heh....

Ahem. The skin, yeah. I tend to pity anyone who tries to texture flesh over clothing/armor, because it never works. Trull's tried to texture a skeletal being composed of rough flesh, over the not-very-rough Imperial Worker model. Ouch. I don't think I need to tell you how that ended. Basically the worker model, colored red, with various bits of patterning on intended to represent something demonic - a skeletal pattern on the front, a bit of torn-out flesh on the back, as well as a cut-out showing the spine, various bones painted over the outfit, and bloodstain graffiti on the helmet. If anything, I'd say this dude was a member of the Star Wars equivalent of a borderline sociopathic biker gang comprised of the type of satanist you see portrayed in old horror movies like Hellraiser (who, for the record and to avoid arguments, are nothing like real-life satanists; in fact, most of the "satanists" I know are basically the equivalent of a frat house).

Definitely not the flashiest nor most impressive skin pack out there, but it's something different at any rate. Check it out if you wish.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Ruined Coruscant 
AUTHOR: Trull	

FILENAME: Raider.pk3, Demon.pk3, DarkJedi.pk3, Raider.pk3
FILESIZE: 399 kb 

CREDITS: Raiden, Darkjedi, Myself, Hell, and JK3files (if they post this xDD), 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Okay, put it in here: C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDataBase 

DESCRIPTION: Raider is on the good side, he was originally a criminal at  coruscant, but the destruction of the town is making him fight for coruscants well being. DarkJedi is a plasma robot that has been trained to use a lightsaber, he is on the good side, because he is a darkjeid, but not a sith. PlasmaSoldier is a droid soldier powered by plasma, and is on the bad side, he was once like DarkJedi, except in mass production, and the factory he was made in was taken over by hell. Demon is, well a demon, sent here from hell to destroy coruscant.

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COMMENTS: Gah, should make team skins on V2


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