Well this is a reskin of the Dante model by Graves, and the character behind it is based on a short story that the author is creating. On to...


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Well this is a reskin of the Dante model by Graves, and the character behind it is based on a short story that the author is creating. On to the skin.

It appears to me that the cloth on the skin looks to be desaturated. The desaturation, left alone doesn't look too bad, it's just that it's been left alone, with the exception of a phoenix emblem. That's about it for the clothes. There are darker blue and black versions, which are used for the team skins.

This skin does have Single Player support, which is a small boon, seeing as you won't have to have this skin clutter up your skin selection menu. In it there are the regular red, blue, and default skin variants, but there is also a face variant. One that I found to be kinda cool. The one (and only) difference on the face skins are that one is a plain face, and the cool one also has a phoenix symbol on the side of the face.

The only other real change to this skin is the fact that the hair is now black. It doesn't look too bad, but it just looks solid black. There are no highlights in the hair, but meh. It's black hair, what else is there to say?

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Ryojin V3
AUTHOR: Ryojin
E-MAIL: ryojinorion@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.asylumgates.net/forums

FILENAME: RyojinV3.pk3
FILESIZE: 2.29 mb
DATE RELEASED: 07 September 2006

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply put the pk3 file included into your JK3 Base folder. For those who knot not where that is:

Jedi Academy -> GameData -> Base

DESCRIPTION: An edited Dante model, a recolor with a symbol added to the back. 

KNOWN BUGS: There's a couple of light spots in the hair, and a very tiny hole, but nothing that is obvious without looking for it. The face is also a bit lighter than the rest of the skin's skin...

COMMENTS: Ryojin is a character based on my own imagination for a short story that I am writing. NPC/bot Support included.In version 3, I added in SP support, a new head with a Phoenix tatoo, got rid of that annoying sword on the back, and added in team skins. In a future version, I may include custom sounds...

CREDITS: Original model made for JK2 by Graves (eblis59@juno.com). Symbol on back of the model came from an image search for 'Phoenix' on Google. And, last, but far from least, I would like to thank Inyri Forge for the help given to me multiple times, even though Inyri said all Dante reskins arent good... XD


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