-=Thunderbolt strikes the earth, and I, Averus, appear to you all=-

Well it looks like my fellow reviewer, Ryojin, has unknowingly truste...


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-=Thunderbolt strikes the earth, and I, Averus, appear to you all=-

Well it looks like my fellow reviewer, Ryojin, has unknowingly trusted his skin review in MY HANDS! What foolishness to do so.

I jest, however. What we're given is a simple Dante reskin of the dante model. Not black as in paintbucket, but the clothes and hair have been turned black. There is an icon of what looked like a dragon on the back, but it's not a shadow dragon. Could this mean that the Collective could have a rival =_=? ....>_> <_< You heard nothing. Oho, it's merely a phoenix. HA! *smites it to the point of death, but does not let it die =_,=*

The sounds the author had were quite obviously his own. That is, he made them himself. -_o I made a skin once where I recorded my own sounds. I then promptly shot myself in the foot for doing so. Regardless, I suppose Ryojin is entitled to doing so.

Apparantly, he also had a saber in there as well. I didn't notice until I opened up the pk3, simply because he had it named "Knight", and I already had like 2 weapons named that already.

Overall, a decent package. Demand you it? Submit your foolish bandwidth unto the temple then. =_=

Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'ryojinv7.rar' (4.5MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Ryojin V7
AUTHOR: Ryojin
E-MAIL: ryojinorion@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.asylumgates.net/forums

FILENAME: RyojinV7.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 29 December 2006

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply put the pk3 file included into your JK3 Base folder. For those who knot not where that is:

Jedi Academy -> GameData -> Base

DESCRIPTION: A reskinned Dante model. Some parts, such as the chest and the hair, are completely new. The face is a new one that I made myself, and the symbol on some of the faces and on the back is from an old Google search of phoenix. Included is a saber that I made myself. It isnt that great, since I am not that great at modelling yet, but I still like it. I got some of the textures for it from the tutorial explaining how to model a saber, and the black texture I made myself.

KNOWN BUGS: The lefthand saber doesnt leave the hand... Nothing I can do about that, though, as its a model problem...

COMMENTS: Ryojin is a character based on my own imagination for a short story that I am writing. NPC/bot Support included.In version 3, I added in SP support, a new head with a Phoenix tatoo, got rid of that annoying sword on the back, and added in team skins. In version 5, I added in a few new faces, modified the existing faces, added in sounds, spent an hour banging my head against a wall trying to get the sounds to work, got the sounds to work, then added in multiple choices for pants. When it comes to the saber, it was my third attempt at a saber, and the best one I made out of the three. I thought it was good enough to use. It isnt too complicated, but not too simple, so I like it. For version 6, since I couldnt use the face I put on in V5 since I didnt have Graves' permission, and didnt want to wait, I went ahead and made a new face. The face is all mine. For version 7, I used Graves' Dante Reskin clothes, and edited them to what I wanted them to be, and I made new hair for it. A short haired version is also included.

CREDITS: Original model made for JK2 by Graves (eblis59@juno.com) and the excellent reskin of the very same model. Symbol on back of the model came from an image search for 'Phoenix' on Google. I would also like to thank Inyri Forge for the help given to me multiple times, even though Inyri said all Dante reskins arent good... XD Last, but not least, to Bobaandy, who figured out my sounds problem, and DataLord to pointing me to Bobaandy. Oh yeah... And to my friends on L-Factor.net, none of which was helpful in any way. Why credit them then? Im not sure. :/ Some thanks to Hapslash also, for I took the gloves textures and slapped em on my skin. I've been meaning to change that, but kept forgetting.

Please do not use the face or hair of this skin without my permission. It took forever to make, and I am pretty proud of what I did, considering the fact that I dont consider myself a good skinner. :p

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