Ryu Hayabusa

Hmmm, I knew a guy galled Ryu once, was in the same clan as me….never knew where he got his name from…maybe he got it from the same place th...


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Hmmm, I knew a guy galled Ryu once, was in the same clan as me….never knew where he got his name from…maybe he got it from the same place this guy got it? A game called Ninja Gaiden or something.

Anyway, on with the review :)

This is a pretty cool skin/model, it looks like a ninja, and it has a cool shiny effect on his armour, which I like. The muscles are well done, and its all pretty well textured. I like this skin, it really does have that ninja feel to it, if you know of a sword mod where you can get a katana, get that too, because it would look cool with one of those ;)

It doesn’t have any custom taunts though :( Maybe some from the game or something would be cool.

Also, bot support would be good too.

But, all in all, this is a pretty cool skin/model, so, if you’re a fan of the game or character this is based off, or you like what you see, give it a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes


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Download 'ryu.zip' (2.67MB)

Hah! so u ARE reading me eh? :)
reverse phsycology! :)
* Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy  *
*    Ryu Hayabusa - Model    *
*  By: Shady-D And Chryonic  *

Really...if u dont know this.. than 
u are either new to jka or ur just 
plain dumb XD. Oh well. Extract files
to /gamedata/base folder.. thats all!

Delete the .pk3 from ur base folder

The main character of the game (ninja gaiden). A descendant of
the Dragon Lineage (hence the stupid thing on his forehead), he
is a young member of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan. His father, the 
head of the clan, has left the village to train the mountains
and has entrusted Ryu with the Dragon Sword, an ancient sword
that has been passed down trough generations of clan leaders.
The Legendary Ninja from Ninja Gaiden. First appeared on the
SNES and than found its way to skip a few generations to the
btw reason i didnt and prolly wont do a dragon sword is cuz
its bassicaly a katana with a red hilt.. The face is quite
accurate but in-game it looks messed up :( Dont believe me?
check the .jpg :) oh well enjoy! there is something im forgetting
hmm.... oh well

Model- Shady-D
Skin- Chryonic and Shady-D
screen- BuffyTheSlayer

Special credits:
To chryonic cuz he wanted to... nah jk he helped me allot with
the skin :) thnx man !

Important Note!!!

I noticed allot of complains about the scarve well u can
manually remove it withouth moddeling. Just open the pk3
find the skin file u want open it with notepad and replace
scarve, models/players/ryu_hayabusha/ 
scarve, *off

shouldnt be 2 hard right? :)

*not made by raven etc etc blah blah blah
use at own risk

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