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Ever get tired of the saber? Sometimes I get so frustrated, that I want to throw R2D2 across the room, or at least hit someone with him. Wel...


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Ever get tired of the saber? Sometimes I get so frustrated, that I want to throw R2D2 across the room, or at least hit someone with him. Well, my worries are over. The Saber Clubs by Macman allows me to do many things, including hitting someone with R2D2. If you choose the dual sabers, with R2D2, you will really pack a punch. I got a one hit kill by doing a rolling stab at someone with him. R2D2 isn’t the only added club though. Macman used the ingame guns, including R2D2, and a barrel. That's 12 new ways to hit somone! Macman also used the ingame effects of each weapon, and added it to the club, so when you hit the wall with the DEMP2, you can see one of its effects activated, which is really cool. The only thing I didn’t like, was when I used saber throw, R2D2 loses all of his textures. I hope the author can fix this, cause I would just love to throw R2D2 across a map. :P Be warned, some of the other guns are not good for clubbing someone, especially if that someone has another saber. I tried using the Blaster Rifle Club against a bot, and that taught me how to go into negatives. -_- As long as I have R2D2 however, I will be happy.

New Weapons: Obviously New Sounds: No New Effects: No


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Saber Clubs by Macman of the clan O³ (Ozone).


These 12 clubs are actually objects in the game, and can be used as sabers. 10 of the sabers are actually guns, which I made into sabers. Another saber is some sort of barrel, and the last saber is R2D2. Surprisingly, R2D2 is one of the strongest sabers. It's really cool to have dual R2D2 sabers.

---Installation Insctructions--- 

To install these sabers, 
simply put the file saber_clubs.pk3 in your GameData/Base folder.

Macman is not responsable for any harm 
these sabers may cause you, or any of your belongings, e.g. 
your computer blowing up. You may not distribute this file, copy, 
or take credit for this file without sole written permission from
the author.


Go here to see my movie:

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