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Szico's review of the 2nd version of Saber Girl's skin: Saber Girl is a Jan reskin Jan... who's Jan? Well, at the end of...


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Szico's review of the 2nd version of Saber Girl's skin:

Saber Girl is a Jan reskin Jan... who's Jan? Well, at the end of JK2 you saw her kissing Kyle and then in JKA... nothing, she just disappeared, never to be seen again except in multiplayer... but enough about that, but I think I have made clear that I was sad to see her go. Naturally, a Jan reskin is always one I look forward too, and Ann Vicktoria (the skinner) doesn't disappoint. Saber Girl looks the part, a meaner, much more woman-looking version of Jan, with a tatoo shaped black mark around her left eye, which looks very nice The trousers have some words written down the side and are... black... But apart from the lack of trouser detail, the top and boots are very well done, and Jan looks awesome Just a few qualks - There is a line between the face and back of head, where the colors don't quite match, and the hair could look better, although it's a nice shade and color, it just looks a bit blocky. The face is well skinned and they eyes look good, she hasn't gone overboard by making them glowing e.t.c, which is a good thing - I am starting to see that in far too many skins.

What is there left to say? Not much, except to assure you that this skin is a good download, and you would only notice the small distractions that I have pointed out if you were being extremely picky (like me ) If there is going to be a V3 I can't wait for it. Also, apologies to the author fro the long wait I know it says 7 days reply but we're trying to catch up with the file posting.

Y'know, I gotta agree with Szico's comment about too many skins having the glowing eyes and stuff. It's nice to see that some people still try to keep their skins simple, but still interesting. :) Saber Girl's skin is black - very black, but it looks as though she used a shader to give it that latex catsuit appearance. Her face looks great, with a black tattoo across one eye in the shape of a, well ... um, I think it's kinda like a lightning bolt. On the back of the skin is "Saber Girl" written in small gold letters. The hair is a bright red and it looks as though Saber Girl has been getting some sun - she has a nice golden tan.

The team skins have a lot less going on. You get one red and one blue skin with none of the utility belt stuff that the default skin came with. The team skins both have that shiny latex thing going on and overall, all of the skins look great. There are new sounds included, but they don't work. In fact, Saber Girl sounds strangely enough, like Kyle. :/ Might wanna fix that. Anyway, great work! :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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This is a reskin of the Jan model in JKA, for <{SLK}>SaberGirl*E
Release Date:      
December 31, 2003

Ann Vicktoria / <{SLK}>SaberGirl*E


sab[email protected]

Programs Used: 
Coreldraw 11, ModView 2.5, WinZip 8.1

Installation Instructions:
Place the file sabergirl_v3.pk3 in the base directory in your jedi academy folder. 

Hi ppl
I made this update to my skin, because I wanted to add a cool shader to my skin...
and I wasnt happy with my team colors, so I totally remade the blue and the red version.
Hope you all enjoy theese skins.
Come visit me in the SLK servers, Ip's are found on our website
To uninstall, just delete the sabergirl_v3.pk3 file from the base directory.
If you are gonna modify/reskin this skins, pls contact me on [email protected]
Id just like to know who and what for. Its free too use ofcourse, id just like to know :)
The tatoo over the left eye is my signature..Pls do not use it if you decide to reskin 
one of my skins...thank you!


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