Saber Realism



I really like this mod. For reasons that have very little to do with gameplay, mind you, but there are plenty of those reasons available as well. Before I explain why I like this mod, let me cover the basics of what it changes:

  • manual blocking
  • slowed combat speed
  • one-hit saber kills
  • massively increased automatic blocking (for compensation to the above point)
  • new saber sounds
  • other stuff listed in the read-me which I didn't get a chance to test (so read it!)

My favorite bit here is the slowed combat speed and the increased blocking. It's a filmer's dream! Not that I make films... :p. Anyway, I am talentless when it comes to JA, but I managed to have some pretty awesome looking fights using this mod with only a mere reborn. So anything that makes JA cooler is a bonus in my book.

Then there's the "realism" angle; after all, it's in the name of the mod! Does this make saber fighting more realistic? Yes! When was the last time you saw any Jedi take 10 hits with a lightsaber before going down? Puh-lease. Is this increased realism a good thing? That's debatable. I like it, because I think despite the one-hit-kills it's still quite balanced (which is where a lot of similar mods fail). When he says blocking was beefed up, he really means it. In case it wasn't clear earlier, there is still automatic blocking. The manual blocking is in addition to it, and it works as advertised (read the read-me for that).

If you want to use this mod in multiplayer, though, you're going to come across a few problems. I'm guessing, based on the batch file, that this mod was designed for SP. In MP some notable "bugs" are the clash effect doesn't work, manual blocking doesn't seem to work, and (maybe it's just my imagination) but the sabers seem faster than in the SP. Overall it's not really working too well in MP, although you could certainly still use it. The author may want to think about working it into a usable MP mod as well, if possible.

Did I mention he removed the red stance? :D (Don't cry, it's supposedly coming back in the next version. Except less ghey.)

I have one gripe. The sounds! No, they're not bad. They're just... well, the most common swing sound is like... a fast swing sound. And none of the swings are fast. It bothers me. The author better fix/change it or I'll cry. :p Now if that isn't a minor gripe, I don't know what is...

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play through single player to see what else has been changed. :p




Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Saber Realism
AUTHOR**: pandapop999 
E-MAIL**: [email protected] 

FILENAME: SaberRealism.zip
DATE RELEASED: 13 April 2007

Me – For making this mod.
OJP Enhanced – I used the open source effects for the saber flare http://ojp.jediknight.net/ -Readme included for
OJP Enhanced under gamedata/Saber Realism/Docs I however did not use all of the stuff, I simply used the saber flare.

INSTALLATION: Simply Put the folder Saber_realism and the Saber_realism.bat in c:/Program Files/ Star wars Jedi knight Academy/ gamedata Then double-click the bat file to play

DESCRIPTION: Well, what this mod generally does is give that feel that you never got during playing Single player.  I’ve added a few features that make Single player feel more like the movies.
·	New effects (Heal/Saber clashes/
·	New Damages and Blocking system
·	Changed Animations
·	New sounds
·	New Varied Difficulties ( A lot harder )
·	Manual Blocking
·	Changed NPCS and Sabers
·	Few animation bugs, (mainly Blocking ones)
·	Kick bug, (kicking an enemy with a saber will sometimes damage them to 1 hp.)  

Damages for saber Maxed out
Strong style removed (Simply brakes through defenses and kills in one, In the next version, I will reanimate Red.
All sabers limited to two combos
Many NPC's have been changed
Added Kick to the player ( I removed it from the enemys as it leaves the character open and they kept dieing -.-)
Removed most acrobatics from sith (Same again, to stop easy kills as it leaves them open)
and many more...

Difficulty: On the first level (Yavin) To select your difficulty, simply type 'exec easy' 'exec medium' 'exec hard' 'exec vhard' in the consle.
New sounds: I recorded new sounds from the Episode III DvD, For example, all sith now have the Count dooku activation sound.

Balance: Things like animation speeds have changed, to make it alot more balanced and difficult, for example. Foward kick takes longer to do than side kicks
but back kick is faster than side kicks (But obviously they leave you open more) Get up speeds are ALOT faster, so once you kick them down, you need to act fast
Or you lose your advantage. 

Saber styles
Blue: Mostly used in duels for defense (short knockback) It's short and slow swings can catch out oppenents. It is best used in deflecting projectiles
Yellow: Used to reach behind defenses, However weak and slow swings make this style rather open to most attacks
Duals: Extremly slow swings, But Powerful blocking and offensive capabilities ( Can reach behind the enemy saber )
Staff: Well, I'll be working on staff in the next version, but atm, It simplys rips through defense and kills :P

Skill is required to effectivly beat opponents, timing shots into weak spots. You can't simply run in slashing, as the enemy come out with some very short
and quick slashes, that catch you off guard. Running makes it even harder to block them (face your saber in the way of theirs)

Manual Blocking/Deflection:  Simply hold the button ‘Use’ to block, move the mouse
in the direction you want it to block (it can block all but red style, but red style has been removed). Use 
the direction keys ( Left, Right, Forward, Bk + right, Bk + Left) to block in a certain direction. 
This also can be used to deflect incoming projectiles. If anyone has played star wars jedi power battles, Then you
will remember deflecting took timing, it is the exact same approach as that, However your defence level will determine the chance of it deflecting.
The advantages of this type of deflecting is that after the intial deflection, it dosn't leave you open like it normally does. But the disadvantages
is that You can't regenerate force power and that you have to remain stationary.

Saber damages:
All sabers now kill in one, But the blocking of each saber has been increased dramatically to compensate. Also, animation speed and movement speed of 
the character has been reduced (around 40% - 20%) so that fights are more easily viewed slower.
All styles have been restricted to two combo's to stop constant swing spam.

WARNING! saberoffense 0 is required for the saber system, Using cheats like setforceall 3 will disrupt it, So simply type 'exec offense' to resort it to 0
During the sp levels, saberoffense is kept at 0 via the mission selection screen. offense 0 keeps parrys and things out of it, you can get parryed however
if you lose a saberlock

Comments: Well, this is my first mod I've released. Also, it is probably the first time i've used photoshop. I'm gonna start working on V2, Which I hope will
Have A whole entire new saber animations for red, dual and staff styles, and maybe more and better effects. 


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