Sable Saber

Hello folks, I've got a saber for you all!

The hilt is basic in design and in skinning, but it does get the job done, I guess. It could r...


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Hello folks, I've got a saber for you all!

The hilt is basic in design and in skinning, but it does get the job done, I guess. It could really use some cool shaders to really make it look good. The saber has a blade that is set with a longer blade, so using this weapon as it is would unbalance the game unless you battled someone with the same length saber.

There's two pk3's in here: one for JO and one for JA, so you can use it in either game, too. Give it a download if you like it.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy Modification: Sable Saber

AUTHOR: LukeSkillz
BUILD TIME: approx. 4 hours.
CREDITS: For the saber, just me, I guess. I modeled it in Gmax, and the textures were all done in GIMP and Microsoft Paint. Of course some credit should go to George Lucas, those who made the Jedi Knight games and Gmax, and 'Virtue' (whose tutorial I followed in order to make the Sable Saber.[] Great tutorial, check it out if you need any kind of help making a saber hilt for Jedi Academy)


	A new saber for Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Although it may at first seem like just another hilt, it actually affects gameplay too. The blade for the Sable Saber is 10% longer than the original, giving the user a decided advantage over regular sabers (but not so much that the game is so easy that it isn't fun, of course).


	Included in this ZIP file are two versions of the Sable Saber. If you want to use it with Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, put the 'sable_saber_jo.pk3' file into your Jedi Outcast's 'base' folder (found in the 'GameData' folder, in case you don't know.)

	On the other hand, if you have Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy, copy the 'saber_saber_ja.pk3' file into your GameDatabase folder.

	If you are like me and own both games, put each file in their respective base folders.

	I think you get the idea.


	Because of the limitations faced in Jedi Outcast, the Sable Saber replaces the original in both Multiplayer and Single Player. If you are tired of using it, simply move it out of the base folder to switch back to the old one.

	Don't judge the saber by what it looks like in the JA menu! I agree, it looks terrible from there. But in-game I'm really quite satisfied with how it looks. So give it a chance.

	Some might criticize that a texture is missing in the middle. This is not my fault, it is due to a bug in Gmax that I tried to correct (but after 3 hours of saber building, I was getting tired, after all). However, it really doesn't look bad in either game, though I think it looks a tad bit worse in JO. The reason why I didn't label this as a bug is because it's not one. The bug was with Gmax, not the saber. It's sort of a 'side-effect' instead.

	THIS IS MY FIRST SABER MODEL. While I am a 'veteran' 3D modeler, GMax was new to me, so I understand that the Sable Saber isn't perfect, nor up to everyone's standards. So go easy on me, ok :) I'll do better in the future (I hope)


	The first time you play either game with this saber it lags a bit, even on a high-end system. For some reason, after just playing through the game a while, quitting, and starting the game up again, the lag goes away. However, some people may not experience either of these things.

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