SaBrE is a skin based on the Biker Scout model by monsoontide and for one of the author's first released skins it's very good. I've never se...


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SaBrE is a skin based on the Biker Scout model by monsoontide and for one of the author's first released skins it's very good. I've never seen the actual skin for the first model so I can't judge on how much the looks have got to do with the model or the skin, but there's something appealing about this skin which I can't quite put my finger on yet. He has a robotic face, a bit like a medical droid's, with a blue glowing eye, and a red broken one. (The colours change in the team skins) He;s wearing leather gloves and some black shoulder pads. I think I'll point out that the textures for the shirt-thing are a bit non-descript, nothing much of interest here. In fact if I was to make a criticism I would say the author has used far too much black. I think he needs a wider colour palette, perhaps add some silver metal here and there, and some more potent shader effects. The ones in it now are okay, but I didn't seem to notice them against the black.

The lower half of the skins is also of a similar style and colour - black. He's wearing black boots and black trousers... oh, and black shin-guard things :) There's bot support which is a nice addition, and team skins, but the thing which this skin really needs is a decent set of sounds. Add this, and perhaps the previously mentioned stuff and we'll be looking at a fine skin, especially as he's also added it to the NPC list :). At the moment its good, but its not great.

New Sounds: No Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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===jedi academy skin modification===

title:               SaBrE={FeTT}=
authour:             SaBrE
E-mail:              [email protected] (constructive critisism is welcome)

file name:           sabre_fett.pk3
file size:           638KB
date released:       march/april 2004

description:         this is a skin of me SaBrE, i edited monsoontide's biker_scout and
                     have him and his asscociates to thank for making the model, texturing 
                     it and rigging it to perfection. ;)   cheers guys!

background:          SaBrE was a jedi in the jedi academy but left because his master
                     could not teach him anything more. SaBrE learnt inhumanly fast
                     and had learnt both light and dark sides on the force in less than
                     a year. his special gift of manipulating both sides of the force
                     gave the academy cause for concern and they asked him to leave, which 
                     he did willingly to make room for the growing number of participants
                     which the academy has to deal with. he also did because his master 
                     could not teach him anything more. After leaving the academy, SaBrE
                     joined a bounty hunting clan called the ={FeTT}= clan where he still 
                     is today. He specializes i stealth skills and saber fights. Though he
                     has been offered various bounties within the Jedi academy,he has never
                     accepted them because he still has a bond with them and teached him
                     invaluable lessons.

programmes used:     Paint shop Pro 7

unzip to gamedata\base in your jedi academy folder.


don't blame them if it makes you go wrong, but i also hold no responsibilty if this messes
your PC or otherwise. if it goes wrong, blame the sith! :D

if you want to modify the textures given you can do so without asking me. but i encourage
you to use the temp base textures for your own skins.

And a little thanks to SithDuke and Izanagi for helping me with the .SKIN files ;)

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