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Samurai Model V2

Quite honestly, I can't remember the original skins for this model. But I DO remember that no one liked them but me. I like these skins too...


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File Description

Quite honestly, I can't remember the original skins for this model. But I DO remember that no one liked them but me. I like these skins too. The breastplate armor thing is all shiny and the gold was used sparingly (thank goodness). Frankly I don't know what a samurai is supposed to look like, but if they wear dresses, then this is a good representation.

Okay, sorry. I was kidding about the dress thing. Don't flame me. :P Anyway, if you're looking for a different skin for the samurai - here ya go.

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy   
 Samurai Model V2                 

Model By: Jimesu_Evil              
Weighted By: Shady-D
Skin By: Jimesu_Evil
Head/Face Skin: Satansmaster
Katana Model: Playingkarrde
Sounds: Ripped from Soul Caliber II   
NINJA ADDED by: Tim (aka Death Fom Above, Sam_Urai, Nun_Ja, Darth Clawnuu, Swarm etc)           
How To Install:                               
Extract the samurai.pk3 to your /base folder  
Original Description: Well here's the new version of the samurai, and I can tell you it is much better.
The skins have been refined, sounds are included, and now there are 5 different models.
There's (in the original pack) the Samurai, Ashigaru, Kensai, Warrior and the Ronin. Enjoy!

<some bits here about banner no point in putting :P>

Okay, this model was made with the intention to let people reskin it to their heart's content, specifically for clans, just don't use it in your mod unless I say you can. Enjoy! 

Tims Description: hi, this is my second eskin for this model, my other one was a ninja, contact me tim@hanstock.co.uk or check www.jk3files.com to get it, i basically just fooled around in modview and accidentally got sumat i liked, so enjoy!

if you wish to use my samurai wanderer model for your own mod, please e-mail me at tim@hanstock.co.uk for permission, im likely to say yes =) but its just so i know whos using it so i can probably dl it myself and see if the wanderer is not being dishonoured! ;-)

hips and leg armour pads (dont worry, not the cool armour panels :)) taken away, they got in the way :P
Bots Work! YEY!

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