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Amy's review of the first Samurai model : It's always nice to receive a new model. So yay for this new Samurai model. Trust me, the s...


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Amy's review of the first Samurai model :

It's always nice to receive a new model. So yay for this new Samurai model. Trust me, the screenshots do not do these models/skins justice. The first one there has some great looking armor and katanas. The mask and helmet are very detailed and interesting to gaze upon. I didn't notice any problems with weighting, but I didn't play with it much. The team skins for the first model are what you'd expect, and they look wonderful. The second model features a maskless warrior who has a very serious look about him. Nice facial hair, too. The third Samurai there is actually no helmet or mask and is considered the "Archer". He looks great.

According to the readme, these models were inspired by The Last Samurai and I'm quite pleased with them. The only thing that disappoints me is that there weren't any new sounds done. Please, please update this model with sounds. And do more models.

The V2 definitely expands on all the points mentioned in that review, with the inclusion of new sounds and more skins/models to add to the pack. The sounds are a two-edged sword, because, although the voices sound excellent, the phrases can seem a bit cheesy. I'd expect a samurai to have a japanese taunt with some kind of deep spiritual meaning, but instead we have things like "Don't cry." which I daresay sounds slightly wimpy ;) All the death sounds e.t.c are fitting and I've got no problems with these. Onto the actual models then :)

Well, there’s not much to fault with these models. As with the first versions, there's plenty of detail - samurai swords, chains, cuffs and large intricate headgear all combine together to make a visually stunning model. The skins which accompany these models are of a similar quality - the textures are fantastic and the faces manage to capture that japanese/chinese kind of expression. I believe there's also some new models in this skin - a samurai who is less armoured, similar to Hattori Hanzo from Kill Bill, (in terms of clothing) and some otherwise samurai looking ones which I can't really relate to anything else, just have a look at the screenshots (which were from the author because they show the models much better than mine did.)

One thing which I did find slightly irritating about some of the models was the flag wedged into their backs, but the author(s) have been extremely initiative and have included documentation on how to remove the flags. Very nice :) There are some flaws though, as with most new models. Firstly, you dont actually get to see most of the model when you're actually playing, which means you miss out on 80% of the work put into this. Honestly, the backs of these skins aren't what you want to be looking at, and the detail which is on the front is unfortunately lost when you're playing. Admittedly this isn't a fault of the author, but maybe a little more detail on the back could have been nice. Secondly, with the model shown in the final screenshot, his trousers have some clipping errors when you run. It's nothing that’s going to end the world, but is a small bug.

The author didn't forget the team skins, and they are too stunning. Although not significantly different from the base skins, they clearly represent the red and blue aspect with different coloured helmets, belts e.t.c. The only aspect missing now is bot support, something I sorely miss from a great model/skin. I don't know if there's going to be a third version, but if there is, please add bot support so I can have samurai wars ;)

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (6.15MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy   
 Samurai Model V2                 

Model By: Jimesu_Evil              
Weighted By: Shady-D
Skin By: Jimesu_Evil
Head/Face Skin: Satansmaster
Katana Model: Playingkarrde
Sounds: Ripped from Soul Caliber II              
How To Install:                               
Extract the samurai.pk3 to your /base folder  
Description: Well here's the new version of the samurai, and I can tell you it is much better.
The skins have been refined, sounds are included, and now there are 5 different models.
There's the Samurai, Ashigaru, Kensai, Warrior and the Ronin. Enjoy!

PS: If you get sick of the flag on the Samurai and Ashigaru skins, just open the ashigaru or samurai
.skin file with notepad, scroll down to where it says "banner" and replace "models/players/samurai/flag.jpg"
with "*off". So it should look like this:


Okay, this model was made with the intention to let people reskin it to their heart's content, specifically for clans, just don't use it in your mod unless I say you can. Enjoy!

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