Sanctuary of the Forest

Well, here's a map I quite liked. Nothing too fancy, yet still very playable and well-presented. What's more, it reminds me of some of my...


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Well, here's a map I quite liked. Nothing too fancy, yet still very playable and well-presented. What's more, it reminds me of some of my earlier work.

The general theme of this map is a sanctuary within a forest, obviously. It's comparable to the forest temple concept from Ocarina of Time, although it's in no way inspired by it. You get all the rooms you'd expect - main hall, couple of duel rooms, a few areas which don't do much except look cool, and a few areas good for some gunplay.

The first to rooms which I checked out were the lava duel rooms. They both do their job well, both have good architecture, are well-lit (although there isn't much variation in the lighting), and are pretty much stock duel rooms. Checked out the shrine room near the spawn point. Pretty dark, could hardly see anything, moved on. The next area I went through lead to the main courtyard, and from here, I was pretty impressed. The whole place is well-designed, well-lit, and nice for a good FFA or some duels. I carried on straight forward into the forest clearing, and this is another dark area, although it's lit well enough for duels. Wouldn't advise guns in here - aiming will be a pain. Then, finally, I went into the small green room. I liked the lighting and effect usage in here.

Now, the bad sides, which are negligible considering this map gives excellent gameplay. The lighting was generally quite bland, and also impossibly dark at some points. For all screenshots except the first two, I had to raise brightness and contrast by 35%, which is far too much. Weapon placement was dodgy, and not as strategic as in the default FFA maps. The texturing didn't have much variation, but that's OK, since the Yavin theme consists of a grand total of two textures anyway according to Raven Software. :p

I'd also like to remark on the music - it's a very.... unusual combination used to make this particular remix. But, it actually works! If anyone manages to work out the original song, you'll be surprised at how well the remix works.

Anyway, if you want a new map for an FFA map for your server, be it true FFA or duel FFA, or you just want a map to load up and chill out with friends on, then give this one a go.

Just don't forget to turn your brightness up a touch.

~ Kouen

New Music: Yes New Textures: Yes New Effects: Yes Bot Routing: Yes

Gametypes: Free For All

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Download '' (7.51MB)

Sanctuary of the Forest by Jenova*Rebirth*

Installation :-

Place the sanctuary_f_t_forest_JR.pk3 in your game data/base fodler

Info :- 
New music : Yes 
New textures : yes 
new effects : yes
new shaders : yes


  This map is base dupon a map I used to play along time ago when Jedi
academy was first released. That map was forest sanctuary by mistress angel.
  It was one of the first maps I played on and one of the map I played
most frequently with ym first clan. It was not the the most pleasing
looking map but it had a certain feelign to it. I took the idea's
of the map and created something with those in mind to try and get
a map with the same feeling and ambience but with better looking detail.
  I think I have captured this quite well and also captured the way the
old map was. It was one of my favourite maps ever and so I felt I 
wanted to bring it back to life although without its bugs such as 
the original causing alot of the base jedi academy textures to appear
as missing when they were not. Now I have fixed that and recreated something
I hope you will all enjoy and hope it will make you want to search out the
original and see it for how great it is even though not very well built.


 Jenova*Rebirth* AKA Yaroze

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