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Normally, I wouldn't want to point out things like this out during a review, but for the sake of balancing the perspective: Yep,...


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Normally, I wouldn't want to point out things like this out during a review, but for the sake of balancing the perspective:

Yep, this is Sango from Inuyasha, and she is quite accurate i think. I used the finnish comic book covers for coloring and other skinning, so dont blame me if she doesnt look "right" to you."

It was at that moment that I promptly took all blame away from the finnish comic book covers and the creator Rumiko Takahashi and placed the entire burden of the series inconsistency on the author.

All joking aside, I would have to say the author was just a little bit arrogant in his presentation.(This coming from the King of Arrogance ¬_¬) Yes, it's fine to feel proud of your work, but it's safer to just parade your work rather than going on a carpet bomb with it =_o.

Now, the reason I brought that up was to justify that the author's work was not as clean and clear-cut as he would have us think.

To start off with simple introductions, this skin is meant to be a representation of Sango the demon slayer from InuYasha. The skin itself, while relatively accurate, is kinda...unappealing. I looked up the manga version of Sango just to verify sources.(As Averus mainly just watches the anime ._.) The Manga version of Sango seems to have her armor padding covered with flowerish designs, while the anime was merely just red. This version seems to have splotchy, messy, useless crap that doesn't even look remotely like the designs. Actually, I looked further into the skin's textures, and WOW O_o; the textures are pretty frikin sloppy up close. Even from the default third person perspective, the armor padding looks faded and slightly blurry, making it feel more like a decal than a suggestable detail. Definitely something I would work on. Before I break off, I will also say that the face looks nothing like Sango except for the mask.

The sounds were terrible, and I do mean terrible. While some of them were Jaden Female, some of them sounded as if they were extracted from a 1940 era radio. I couldn't even tell what it was, to be honest. If you submit banwidth, I daresay you will find out what I mean..

Overall, I still prefer the model over this skin.(Yes, there was an entire InuYasha model pack made by SavageX a while back. Not on JK3files, but I still have it.) The skin's presentation seemed to give you a false impression of what to expect, and I was sorely disappointed, as this is a rather unappealing version of Miroku's hand candy. However, if you think you can handle this skin, by all means, SUBMIT BANDWIDTH =_=. Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye Team Support: Aye New Sounds: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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  Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy Skin


Yep, this is Sango from Inuyasha, and she is quite accurate i think. I used the finnish 
comic book covers for coloring and other skinning, so dont blame me if she doesnt look 
"right" to you.

I made it for two reasons:
1)Sango is hot(for a comic character at least. Just joking!!! ;p) and interesting char.
2)Jan model is perfect for her, it has all the needed parts(exept for the katana).

I was gonna make Hiraikotsu(her boomerang) as well but i;ll have to practice a lot more.

I took most of the sounds from Inuyasha english episodes but some are also japanese.
1 of the sounds isnt actually Sangos but some other chars(dont know her name). Actually,
I only took 5 voices, the rest are female jadens, but they are not commonly heard. Taunt
is custom. I Included the Jaden sounds as well since no one told me any other way.

This skin has bot and npc supports. If you dont know how to spawn npc;s, its like this:
  /npc spawn sango 
Write that into console. You can put any basic model of jka into the place of sango too,
just replace sango with it, like this:
  /npc spawn jedi
(for example)

I might make a version 2 sometime with Hiraikotsu and little modelling on the char too,
we;ll see that then...

By the way, the skin looks alot better in-game than in any of the screenshots(screen3 has
a weird lightning effect on face and it looks like the skin has lips, but its not true).

THE LONG STORY IN SHORT(for them who like the skin but dont know who Sango is)
Story begins when priestess midoriko fought a youkai that was formed of a great amount of 
smaller ones. They fought for long but atlast Midoriko was too drained to fight. The youkai
saw their (or its) chance and tried ti kill her but with her last strenghth Midoriko
Absorbed the youkais soul and shut it into her own soul and then threw it out of her body.
The soul took a form of a little ball, later got the name Shikon. For centuries Sangos 
village protected the shikon from getting into wrong hands(even a small part of it gives the
wearer an unstoppable strenghth).The villagers, called Exterminators, were profeccional
youkai hunters. Sango is the best at this at her time, and gets a call along with the
other best hunters of the village into a mysterious castle in which her little brothers
mind gets controlled and he kills all of thehunters.Sango is thought dead but she survives.
At the same time village gets attacked an there are no survivors.Naraku(the main villiain 
in the story) says that Inuyasha and his companions are behind the attack(in which the 
Shikon was taken)and she takes on a hunt on Inuyasha.

When they meet they have a fight that Inuyasha wins. They tell her the truth about the 
attack and Naraku, and she decides to come with them to have revenge on Naraku.

CREDITS: I guess for Rumiko Takahashi and George Lucas since if there wouldnt be one of them
 there wouldnt be this skin either...

BUGS: None that i know of.

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