It's probably safe to say that one of the best trilogies ever made is ... well, yeah, the SW trilogy ... but in addition to that ... oh yea...


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It's probably safe to say that one of the best trilogies ever made is ... well, yeah, the SW trilogy ... but in addition to that ... oh yeah ... can't forget Indy ... but the latest trilogy that everyone's all impressed by is Lord of the Rings. The books are great and the movies were done really well. (I'm SO crossing my fingers for Peter Jackson to get Best Director.) We got to see the Eye of Sauron, but not the Mouth of Sauron (we should see that in the extended edition though - yay!) - but no one really knows what Sauron is supposed to look like. So I suppose you can make him look however you want. FoJ_JM_Sauron took the liberty of doing just that for his own skin.

Appropriately, he's a part of the clan Fellowship of the Jedi. And so SW and LotR merge. It's not that far of a stretch. It looks like on his skin, the markings on the ring are around the legs and arms. Didn't it say something like "One ring to rule them all; One ring to find them, One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them"? Anyhow, the skin is mostly green and very dark. I think I like the red skin the best. The red is more of an earthy tone, and it's accented with some yellow here and there. The blue skin is a bit too bright of a blue for me - but it looks good anyhow.

There's no bot support, but there is a custom taunt. The author claims he took it directly from one of the LotR movies. This isn't how I pictured Sauron, but that's not really the author's intention. His name is Sauron and this is his skin. So ... yeah. Anyway, I like the skin. Good job. :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Developer: FoJ_JM_Sauron
Website: or

File info: This is a skin I made for myself(FoJ_JM_Sauron). This is my second skin although i did include my first one too. The new one has team support. Both skins include a custom taunt i took from the Lord of the rings movie.
It took me about a day or two to complete everything. The reason i didnt make team support for my old version is i just threw it in there for old times sake and i never made team colors for that in the first place. I am hoping to release a FoJ skin pack(not sure when) which will include this skin including ones i made for clan members aswell as ones created by FoJ_JM_Miya including spiderman ;) Enjoy :)

Install: Unzip to your base folder in your Jedi Academy Directory default is: Lucasarts/JediAcademy/Gamedata/base

Uninstall: Simply delete the file from you base folder.

kudos go to the lord of the rings for a bit of the inspiration. my fellow clan members for the support in answering any questions that i might have had. And of course lucasarts and Raven for making it all possible :)

Any questions feel free to email me or post on my clans forum which is linked on the site.

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