Sauron's Mace & The Witch King's Swords from LOTR

This preeeecious gives you three new lightsaber hilts to choose from. The first is the sword of the Witch King. The leader of the Naz'gul....


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This preeeecious gives you three new lightsaber hilts to choose from. The first is the sword of the Witch King. The leader of the Naz'gul. There are two versions, the normal one, and a second one that is engulfed in flame. Do not, I repead, do NOT play with the enflamed one with dynamic glow turned on unless you want to burn out your eyes.

The second weapon is the mace weilded by Sauron. I like this weapon more because it uses the new trend of 'impact effects' being used in weapon mods.

Good job! If I see enough of these partial mods, I'll go crazy! Get out there and make a Total Conversion already!

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes Known Bugs: Known


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Sauron's Mace & The Witch King's Swords from LOTR
Models: Hatrus
Skins: Hatrus
Sounds: Meelee Mod & Ravensoft
Effects: Meelee Mod, Ravensoft, Hatrus

Contents: sauron_mace.pk3, withcking.pk3, witchking2.pk3, Readme.txt

Description: Ive never seen any of the LOTR movies cause I dont like that medeval fantacy stuff.
But a friend asked me to make these for him so I did. This is my first return to sabers, from
almost 6 months. SO bare with me as I regain my hiltsmith skills. Included is the Mace used by 
a guy named Sauron in the movies. Also are two versions of the Witch King's sword.


Sauron's Mace: Uses a heavy_repeater (altfire) effect for the hit ground effect, and a flash
(howler sonic effect), for the hit person effect, and also will knock players or npc down like a
rancor when preforming the red lunge; the weapon does about 3 times the ammount of damage a default
saber does, but not really enough to classify it as a god weapon. This shows up in your Profile
menu under Two Handed (staff) selection, but is a single saber. Or you can do /saber mace

Witch King's Swords: witchking.pk3 uses  the flamig torch effext from the meelee mod. The flames
cover almost the entire blade and trail fire when swung. Its currently in in Blue Stance and can
kill a player in a few good swings. The witchking2.pk3 is the same but without the flames. The
summon names for thes two are /saber witchking , and /saber witchking2

All weapons can be deactivated like a normal saber. This is for the people that dont have it and 
only see the default saber, so you dont get lamed. 

Comments: Expect more LOTR weapons in the near future.

Installation: Put the .pk3 files in your base folder. 

Uninstallation: Take the .pk3s files out of your base folder.


Special Thanks to: 

No one

Please contact me if you want to use this in a mod:

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© 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
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