Sazen, Sazen_V2

Haters of Rosh and everyone else in between i bring to you 2 new skins from the mind of Sazen. I know i know some of you are going who is th...


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Haters of Rosh and everyone else in between i bring to you 2 new skins from the mind of Sazen. I know i know some of you are going who is this sazen guy, well <.< you should just stop, read, and learn ^_^

And now on to the review! Sazen has done re-skins for us, he redid Quinlan Vos and Cloud. Quinlan Vos has 3 models with in it. Normal looking jedi clothes, A hooded version, and a robed version. I'm not familiar with the original Quinlan Vos model, but going from his read me i was able to tell whats new and whats not. Basically what sazen did was added some scars to the face, changed the color of the robed model to black and the other models he made a the robes on them a darker brown. He also changed the colors of the eyes to yellow. He did a good job as far as i can tell except a few glitches. For this model he forgot to put in the sound pack so all your gonna hear is "Take That". I hope that in the next version he fix's that problem. And the second glitch i found is when he blinks, his eye lids are yellow. Again i hope that if he makes another release that problem also gets fixed. But other then those couple things the skin over all seems to be fine.

The second model is a redo of Cloud. This model i'm familiar with because i have also my self done a re-skin for a fellow clan mate. And he seems to have done around the same things as i did. He took the color of the skin and covered over a little of the shirt to make it look like it was part of his torso. Then he added some Japanese symbol's to give it the appearance of tattoos. And it seems he added some more Japanese symbol's to the face. He also recolored the hair, Now i have to admit my self i'm not a big fan of the hair. Seeing as globs of it are white and the other parts are like a grey. And i'm not sure, but it seems he changed the colors of the gloves also to a bronzeish look. And to top off his skin he seems to have added new sounds. Here's the catch tho, there not cloud sounds, nor sounds he made. They seem to be yes what i thought Anakan Skywalker's sounds. Now idk why he would of chosen them but meh it was up to him.

For me all i have to say is if sazen decides to make another version of these skins he should fix the problems in in the Quinlan Vos skin, and change the sounds of the other one. But other then those ones, he seems to have done a nice job of the re-skins.


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Title: Sazen, Sazen_V2

Author: Sazen


Description: Well first we have a reskin of the Quinlan Vos skin. I changed his robe to a black and edited his clothing a little, I added some scars to his face and colored his eyes yellow.

Second we have a reskin of the Cloud skin. This skin I completely reskined... I added skin to have of his torso and covered his body with Japanese symbols, I colored his hair and added some symbols on his face.

Credit: Credit for the Cloud model goes to ZeroTM for the version I edited and to Broli, Jimesu_Evil and V for making the original skin.

Credit for the Quinlan Vos model goes to Scerendo for making the version I edited and to Aaron Smith and NeoMarz.

Sounds: Yes. (Quinlan Vos has his original voices and Cloud has voices of Anakin.)
Team Skins: No.

Installation: Extract the pk3 file into your Jedi Academy Base folder.

You may use this skin and upload it as a different skin as long as credit is given to not only me but those who made this skin before I.

Commands for executing the skin.

Quinlan Vos
/model sazen/default
/model sazen/default_hooded
/model sazen/default_robed

/model sazen_v2


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