Well what we have here is the clan SC's Skinpack made by StyleX. We get 10 skins in this back and most of them are reborns and desaans. T...


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Well what we have here is the clan SC's Skinpack made by StyleX. We get 10 skins in this back and most of them are reborns and desaans.

The first skin Crusader is a green and black reborn, with a chaimail texture. Its an ok skin and I like the eye paint but the skin is a little to dark around the pelvis area, also the bright SC and Crusader writing spoilt the whole skin because they stand out dramtically.

Next there is a blue and orange Desaan, I perosnally liked this skin just because Desaan looked pretty cool, and the new SC belt is a nice touch for the Clan Skins!

Death Knights skin is a grey and red reborn with some cool red patterns on the hood, also the face paint is once again a nice touch. However yet again the text ruins it, it just looks like its not part of the skin.

The Kyle skin is one of the better Kyle skins i've seen. Although he has taken some textures from the Shadow Trooper for the body and arms, they kind of work with the cool coloured belt and the kind of scale trousers. The face however was great, look really cool and pale. The main scar looked fake but the less noticable scars were cool looking. The eyes up close look really bad though.

Legacy's skin is a red and orange reborn and I liked this one. The trousers were cool and reminded me of a kind of KOTOR design. The markings looked cool but the actual bright grey top looked really wierd. Kind of chrome looking with no shader.

Theres some more skins included but the one's I reviewed were the best ones in the pack. Apart from the clan tags and names most of the skins are really cool. Overall a pretty cool skin pack, but mostly only usable by the SC clan and their members, unless you can overlook the tags.


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Read Me !!!
These Skins belong 2 the Clan of SC !!! Im currently in it and they wanted me 2 post them on and i am doing it !

Install !! Place it in ur base folder !!
uninstall !! "Delete" SC_skins

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