Scarred Cultist

Making a Scarred Cultist isn't a bad idea, it might even be considered a good one. However, in this case it wasn't executed very well. While...


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Making a Scarred Cultist isn't a bad idea, it might even be considered a good one. However, in this case it wasn't executed very well. While the author has tried to make scars on the arms and legs of the skin, it just doesn't really work out all that well. The reason is it look like he just used the spraycan in Paint. Now if he can made a rip, had a nice skin tone, and then put in the scar, that would have worked out a lot better. The hands are bloody, but I think that they are a little too bright red, if it's old blood. The author has also made one of the eyes partially red, with a measure of success. He has also added what looks to be white dots around the face. There is a small amount of blood in the lower region, but it just looks spraypainted on. This could be a lot better. Suggestions: Take your time, make it look a little more realistic.

Npc Support: No Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No


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Title	Scarred_Cultist
Author	amunimanghi
Email	[email protected]

File Name	scarred_cultist.pk3
PK3 File Size	349.1 kb
Release Date	03/13/2006



In Windows:
Unzip the file named scarred_cultist.pk3 to your Jedi Academy base folder,
Win = C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base

In Linux:
Unzip the file name scarred_cultist.pk3 to your Jedi Academy base folder. 
NOTE: If you are using Cedega, it should be in /home/.../.cedega/(what you called jk3)/c_drive/program files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/Base



This pk3 contains the Scarred Cultist skin. What I did is take the cultist skin and just use The Gimp to edit it. Its my first skin, so its crappy. There are no know glitches so far. If you have any ideas on improving it or find glitches/bugs, email me and put "scarred_cultist" as the subject w/o the quotes.

History: This is a fun history cuz i was bored. 

A long time ago when jaden kor was a jedi, there was a tribe of sith called Sizni. The leader of the tribe fortold a prophecy of one that would lead them to glory and the age of the Sith. There was one child who was different from everyone else. He quickly attuned to his force powers. His tribe casted him out when he slayed the top Sith in the tribe. He was then casted out in to the rocky terrains of Zerganeszna, other wise known as France. (I have no grudge against the French.) There he trained night and day to one day go back to his tribe and kill everone. Piece by piece he contructed a powerful saber to kill his tribe. He got them from jedi he had encountered along the way. One day he met Jaden Kor and decided to befriend him. 5 years later he had sucessfully created his lightsaber and started to head back home. Jaden had asked him where he was going and he said he need to go and vist his family. Little did jaden know that he was a sith and he was going to kill everyone. When he arrived at Sizni, he found that know one was there. He traced them down and took his revenge. In doing so he had many scars. For some reason he could not die. Everynight the scars grew larger and larger giving him more power. He soon came across jaden and kyle after the Ragnos incident. Knowing that we all hate Kyle, he killed him. Everyone across the galaxy celebrated for kyle has been in every JK series and we all want him dead. ^.^    


Please DO NOT modify, redistruibute and/or use this package in any other package/mod without getting my permission first. 



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