Selek Fires

When the main form of new looks in Jedi Academy is in the form of re-skins, one must ask themselves; ‘what do I want in a re-skin?’ For m...


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When the main form of new looks in Jedi Academy is in the form of re-skins, one must ask themselves; ‘what do I want in a re-skin?’

For me the answer is simple, not too recognizable face, clothes with a unique flare and an original soundest, let alone being female. Well, since this skin is not female, let’s skip that part of the elimination process shall we?

Here Selek gives us a re-skin of HS Obi-Wan Kenobi, titled Selek Fires as it was a personal skin for use to resemble a character he role-played as on an RPG Server as a Grey Jedi come Jedi Outcast. I could go on about some of our little adventures as I have role-played with this character…but we’re here to look at the re-skin.

The animated character icon is great.

Despite the obvious Obi-Wan style hair, the re-texturing of the face is done well to make this man look like someone else although it is riddled with the common scars we see in many releases these days. On a more serious note I would have to say the eyebrows seem painted on, and the beard needs a tad bit of sharpening as it seems a little more blurry than it should.

Green eyes and facial scars….did this man father HS_Gwethenea o.O….

Anywho…to the clothing. Many force-using character re-skins seem to recycle the typical Jedi look with very minor changes such as changing the cloak from brown to red or some such, but finally we have something a tad more original. The clothing under the vest tunic seem to follow (from how I view it) the dark times padded-armor style of design; thick cloth stitched together. The tunic over the under-shirts seems a little more Celtic, which I do love. It is patterned with a vines and leaf motif though I would have preferred the motif’s lines be a dark green than yet another shade of grey as most of the skin is grey/blue.

The cloak, well, it’s a typical cloak except grey.

As for extra’s, it has Team Support, BOT/NPC support and all that jazz but no new sounds which I find to be a disappointment.

Much better than the majority of the re-skins we get to look at, so keep ‘em coming.

BOT Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bushy eyebrows that rival John Howard’s? Very much so

--------------- Gweth

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A "Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy™ " Modification
Title: Selek Fires
Author: Selek

Filename: SelekFires.pk3
Filesize: 4.14 MB
Release Date: 15 October 2006

HapSlash - For his textures and great model
Infinity Blade - For the outstanding Weighting Skills
RinkXing - For the great Torso Designs
OmeeWan - For the Hair Textures
Buffy - For making NPC, Bot and Screenshots of the single variations
Raven - For developing the Jedi Knights series
LucasArts - For creating Star Wars in the first place

Extract the SelekFires.pk3 file into your
LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base

The Re-Skin of HapSlash's Episode III Obi-Wan Kenobi comes with:
/model selekfires	/default

Yes, the scar over the left eye became overused over the years, but the character got it in his days as a Gray Jedi

Bugs: None that I am aware of.

Last Comments: Please give me credit if you want to use this for a modication or a skin of yours.
This skin was made for a Character on a RPG Server I usually go on.
Though I was so pleased with the Result that I thought that some people might like to use it on FFA Servers and such.
You usually recognize my skins by the animated 'Datapad' Icons.

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