I don't know what SG stands for, I don't know what clan it is, and I don't know where they come from, but I do know that this is a REBORN reskin. You all know how much I hate these, but at least its the New Reborn and not the hooden ones. Well, what can I say about the actual skin? The colours are very dark, blacks and greys, with the SG name sprawled across the back, just like countless other clan skins. I particularly found the little ammo belt thing across his chest very clever, and it looks cool as well. Like most clan and reborn skins, it's nothing spectacular and new, as some areas have simply been recoloured to be darker, but still this makes for a pretty decent reskin, as effort has been put in. Its a pity there are not any Team Colours or Bot Support included, and the reborn sounds remain - however overall this is one of the better clan skin attempts :)

On a final note, I am rather curious as to what SG stands for, If it's Stargate or whatever :)

New Sounds: No Team Support: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~



Just put the SG file in your base folder :D

////report to [email protected]

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