Okay, omigosh. No, seriously. Do you guys know me to ever exaggerate on how cool a map is? I never do that! So ... like, remember the old St...


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Okay, omigosh. No, seriously. Do you guys know me to ever exaggerate on how cool a map is? I never do that! So ... like, remember the old Stargate SG-1 map? Now, it was definitely a great map. Loved almost everything about it. I haven't played it in a while, but I remember having some FPS issues here and there, but overall, a great map. So, from the same guys who helped create that map, comes a new Stargate map: SG4Real.

Upon first entering the map I'm greeted by a large body of water and the beautiful tall blue columns you see in the first screenshot there. Inside are torch-lit walls and in the center a tall round ceiling. A lovely fountain sits in the middle with, what I believe are sphinxes around the edge. There are bactas everywhere, by the way. Not sure I get that, but yeah. Turn to the right and you'll find yourself stuck in a maze. Okay, I was stuck in there because I'm horrible at mazes. :D So when I came back, I walked down the middle corridor, took a quick screenshot of the murals there. Lovely, dontcha think? So then ... in this next room, I see some circles on the floor and ceiling ... and a button on the wall. Naturally, I had to touch it. And then the ceiling opened up, dropped these rings over me and suddenly I was in this black marble room. :| And then, I find that the black marble goes on and on and on in various hallways. And then I come to this ... (please see screenshot) huge hangar thing. I go in through the door and it's like, okay, good place to duel and stuff. Then I go back to the hallway and just look out the window there, then notice the button. YAY! A button! Of course, I press it. It locks the door on the side that I just came through and opens the big doors way out there. Okay, very cool. Eventually, I get tired of wandering the halls and so instead of finding my way back, I kill myself.

The next screenshot there should look familiar to those who know Stargate, and especially if you remember the old map. Now, I haven't played the old map in quite a while, but if memory serves right, it didn't look this good. The detail in this area is really incredible. I know it's just offices and stuff, but it looks great. And, y'know, I had fun just going through the gate thingy because the actual transition is so cool. And the final screenshot there is where you end up ... which is the black marble area.

So, do I even need to tell you that I love this map? I didn't get to try out CTF on this map, that should be interesting. The map doesn't have bot support, but this isn't really one of those maps that you play with bots. It's more of an exploration kinda map. And to experience everything this map has to offer, you can't do it alone - or with bots. So get it on your server and play there. :D Oh, the music ... can't forget to mention that. It, of course, suits the map very well. I don't usually listen to the music in a map, unless it really contributes to the ambiance of a map - this one certainly does just that. Great work guys ... I can't wait to see more from you! :D

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF


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Background Information
Originally release for Elite Force, SG4Real2 as it was known then was a 
sequal to my first map Stargate4Real, I didn't expect it to be so 
popular. Scotty asked if he could port it over to Jedi Outcast and 
started work, with the release of Jedi Academy it made more sense to 
release it for that. After several weeks of porting and updating, we got 
this map out!

Fans of Stargate will get the most pleasure out of this map because of 
the gate and the ring transport system but it is a playable map. It works 
well for CTF and for FFA.

Place all 3 PK3's in Gamedata\Base. That's it!

I'll take no responsibility for any damage that may result to your PC from the use of this map.
No part of this map may be used for any other map without permission from the author.
Contact WadeV1589 at [email protected]

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