Wade has such a talent for making maps - especially the Stargate themed ones. Considering that's all I've really seen him do by way of map...


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Wade has such a talent for making maps - especially the Stargate themed ones. Considering that's all I've really seen him do by way of maps, um, well ... yeah. ;)

Wade's latest Stargate map is more incredible than I could've imagined it being. It's Egypt. And it's just ... I'm seriously having trouble finding words for this ... it's amazing. The map is soooo vast and beautiful and the effects are gorgeous. You really cannot grasp how incredible this map is unless you play it. The screenshots, while lovely, do not do the map justice at all.

I should apologize for writing such a short review, but if I were to say anything else, I'd just repeating how beautiful this map is. But don't take my word for it - download the map now and find out for yourself. My FPS wasn't too bad either. Then again, I did upgrade. WOO! My other puter probably couldn't have handled this map. The music is appropriate, of course, because it's from Stargate SG-1. It really sets the mood for this map that's so much fun to explore. Though I have to say, I didn't explore the sands too much - I wasn't sure if Wade put any sandworms in there or not. Wonderful job, Wade. Seriously. I can't wait to see what you do next. :D

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA, CTF


Edit: By the way, there's a very cool little secret area in this map where you can fly a Deathglider. It's so freakin' cool. I'd show you screenshots, but I really suck at flying, so you really don't want to see those screenshots. ;) Good luck finding the secret area! Hint: Use your use button in unsuspecting places. :D

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*					*
*		SGEgyptJA		*
*					*

Mapping:	WadeV1589
Models:		WadeV1589
Textures:	WadeV1589, Scotty79
Sounds:		WadeV1589, Scotty79
Deathglider:	Manquesa, Andy

Contact:	MSN - [email protected]
		AIM - wadev666
		ICQ - 47568513
		Y!  - wadevalentine1589
		WWW -

Beta testers:	Craig, Scotty79, Andy, -=Rikku=-, Khem, Chemix

Game type:	FFA, TEAM, CTF

Creation time:  Around 2 weeks, including the several debug days.
			- my fastest yet (for a map this size)!

Compile time (lighting): 4 hours which included 8 light bounce passes.

Special thanks to anyone who has shown continued interest in the Stargate maps.

Installation Notes
Place ALL PK3's (4 in total) in Gamedata\base\ and either use the console
(type in /map sgegyptja) or select it from the in-game browser.

The deathglider is in it's own PK3 meaning you can easily remove it should 
you so need to (thanks to the max vehicles error!) Just move deathglider.pk3 
out of the \base\ folder! You will still be able to play the map but there 
will be no deathgliders in it.

If you choose to not use the deathglider, there is a second map in this PK3 that 
uses the x-wing instead meaning you can play without the new ships but still 
be able to fly around.

Main Features
Real-size (ratio) mothership that you can fly around using
Deathgliders - thanks to Manquesa
Goa'uld Transport Rings that no longer bug out!
Dialing gate - which means one way travel at any one time.
Careful use of dynamic glow - even if it kills your FPS try it with
    r_dynamicglow 1 just once!

Many many moons ago I released a map called SGEgypt for the game Elite Force. 
This map turned out to be extremely fun to play just because of it's odd style; 
it worked well. I recently was playing this map with 2 friends and one of them 
joked about remaking the map seen as I had never done a v2 and it deserved on. 
So instead of doing that...I made a totally new version, based on the original 
for Jedi Academy.

This is a big map, not huge, but big. It took a fair amount of time to map and a 
fair amount of time to compile. FPS should be respectable at most times of the 
map due to the way it was mapped - this is not true however if you start flying 
around and I make no promises as to your FPS in the death gliders!

Known Bugs
Although the rings have been fixed of their previous bug (where they'd spawn many 
many times unstoppably for 8 seconds), they now - if the server gets a lag spike - 
go into an 8 second loop where they will play repeatedly every 8 seconds; currently 
the best method to fix this is a map_restart. It is rare though and shouldn't happen 
on dedicated servers.
You may get stuck in the wormhole at the end of the tunnel effect, I couldn't do 
this myself so never could fix it but 1 or 2 testers reported it. If this happens, 
run back to the beginning and you will be re-thrown towards the end, it's far faster 
than running all the way to the end yourself!
The character lighting in the ha'tak is very dark in the corridors. It refused to be 
fixed after 2 RC's and a final so I left it!


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