Shadow Disciples

FEAR, as I present you with new shadowtrooper reskins. Are you fearing yet?....I'll take your inability to respond as a yes. Excellent =_...


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File Description

FEAR, as I present you with new shadowtrooper reskins.

Are you fearing yet?....I'll take your inability to respond as a yes. Excellent =_= moving on! Presented for our enjoyment is an average pack of recolored shadowtroopers. Quality on all the recolor is admirably good, just not that creative. There are four types:

Lead Shadowtrooper: A red and black recolor. Very decently done, minus one thing: The author forgot to change the force crystal texture in the .skin, and ended up with a nice big hole in the chest XD.

Forest Shadowtrooper: A pretty much all green shadow trooper. Nothing left to say.

Stealth(misspelled steath in the model name): Probably the most tastefully done in my opinion, with a black and blue scheme.

Desert Shadowtrooper: Probably one I would use often. A deep brown shadowtrooper. Probably needed to be a little more lighter in color in order to camouflage with the sand, but I shan't argue on that point.

Overall, I think the only thing that really needed to be done was just to tag on that force crystal on the lead shadowtrooper. Other than that, not a bad job.


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- Averus Retruthan

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SKin name: Shadow Lead

skin colour:red

A reskin of a shadow trooper painted with several shades of red
This is the leader of the Squad

Skin Name: Stealth Master 

Skin colour: blue

Another reskin with a deep shade of blue

THis is trooper is better with sneek attacking and grabbing donuts from unsuspecting imperials. :O

Skin name: Jungel Hunter

Yet another reskin of the shadow trooper with several shades of gree all over with a bit of brown


Skin name: Shadow sand

This is yet another of the Shadow trooper with a lot of brown for desert camo.


I give credit to 3 great people me,myself, and I (no I just joking ;{| 

no I really give credit to The File Front Network staff for submitting this file and everyone who uses these skins.


please contact me about any bugs, comments, and/or questions at

by Talesan/Taly/Tale

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