Shadow Moses Island

Metal Gear Solid is a game series that I've never had the privilege to play, save a few times on a friends PS2 or PS3. It's supposed to be...


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Metal Gear Solid is a game series that I've never had the privilege to play, save a few times on a friends PS2 or PS3. It's supposed to be an extremely well-done series of games, as I'm sure many of you would know... especially judging by Gamespot's 10/10 review of MGS4. =_=

This map is based off a map from Metal Gear Solid, and even though I don't know the original map it's still easy to enjoy this one. It's a sort of pseudo-military industrial complex with boxes scattered everywhere in a snowy mountain island. There are a few flaws but overall it's a really solid map, and I'm really impressed since it's only the author's second map.

I'll start with the texturing, which looks nice at a glance but upon closer examination reveals itself to be flat and cartoony. It works since the entire map uses these flat and cartoony textures, but I just can't help but thinking if the textures were realistic and had some depth to them then the map would look so much better. The only textures that aren't flat and cartoony are the snow and rock textures. The skybox also could have been a bit better. It looked good but it was just sky at every angle. If you're on an island, wouldn't there be water or land or something around you other than sky?

The architecture, on the other hand, is not cartoony and actually looks nice for the most part. The guard rails, mine shafts, and the general structure of the map is very well done, but it's little things that could be improved. The snow on top of the roof of the complex, for example, is blocky and polygonal when it should be smooth and rounded as snow actually is. I will say that I love the massive mech the author's included and how you can actually enter the cockpit of the mech. It's a cool feature.

The lighting in the map works, but it could be better. For a complex at night with so few and such small lights, it's awfully bright. The lighting should be more localized I think and shadows should be more pronounced to give it atmosphere. If you made the whole map more like the hangar where the giant mech is that'd be a big leap forward.

The one thing that annoyed me more than any other was the fact that... there are no doors. None. You get around the place by crawling through vents. Really? Why wouldn't there be any working doors? Are vents easier to defend or something? I also don't get the random spots of light in the vents when there are no lights.

The map could also be a bit bigger with more rooms but that's up to the author to decide if he wants to do since the current size already works. Bot routes aren't included but that's not too big of a problem. Know what the best news of all is? There's going to be a version 2. I'm looking forward to see what Borm comes up with for v2 and I'm impressed that he could pull this off for just his second map.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Shadow Moses Island 
AUTHOR: BormKloon 
E-MAIL: [email protected] 

RELEASE : 27/02/2009

MAP NAME: Shadow Moses Island
GAMETYPE: ffa, duel, tffa


CREDITS: Thanks to Konami and Hideo Kojima for Metal Gear Solid.



Simply extract the ShadowMosesIsland.pk3 to your JKA GameDatabase Folder. 


DESCRIPTION: A map based on the theme of Metal Gear Solid. Although, to be more specific. A map 
based on the concept and design of the Shadow Moses Island nuclear disposal facility.

While the level is not built to be 100% accurate to it's source material, as several features were 
either added or taken away. I feel it can still convey the spirit of the Metal Gear series.


GLITCHES/ERRORS/BUGS: I do not believe there are any technical errors or bugs that would interfere
with gameplay, I would like to point out an anomoly I discovered after a lengthy compile. The top floor
vent shaft was never intended to lead anywhere however it wasn't supposed to be a simple dead end. There 
was a specific obstruction placed there as an easter egg. However despite the "object" existing in the
map file, it is nowhere to be found in game. I won't disclose the nature of the "object" as I intend to 
include it once more in a later version.

-Regarding Bot routes, I apologise for not including them in this version, 
I did plan/attempt to, but they gave me more trouble then they were worth.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: This map was pretty entertaining to build/test, it had it's problems but I feel
that it's turned out pretty well. I was honestly suprised at the speed with which I was able to build this
level, (myself being a novice mapper) after all this is only my second map and I think the more maps I 
churn out the better I'll get. On the other hand I could've spent more time on this map, maybe given it some
extra polish here and there. Personally I just don't think this map had anymore to give. And whatever else I
could possibly add here, would probably be best served as another version altogether.

-There is a secret room somewhere on the helipad level, it is accessed by destroying a couple of breakable

-REX's raydome is destructible if you know what that is.

-REX's cockpit can be entered, it's pretty easy to figure out so I won't say how.

-This readme is a copy of the Rusty Bucket Bay readme, it may contain traces of rust, banjo's or kazooies.



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