Shadow Rage Sabers

Mods like only change small things, sometimes suttly sometimes extremely, thankyfully this mod is a happy medium. You will definately notice...


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Mods like only change small things, sometimes suttly sometimes extremely, thankyfully this mod is a happy medium. You will definately notice the alternative saber sounds which work well, they sound more real than the game ones to me and I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I do prefer these sounds.

The effects of the saber have also changed, the trail they leave behind is far more torn up...this I do not like, a saber is a solid beam of "hard light" as it were - I'm sure people will scream to correct me on what they actually are now! - but in this mod it's like a comb run through sand, it leaves trails that don't match a solid blade.


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Shadow Rage Sabers
Version: 1.0 Beta

Description: Changes the saber sounds to those of the sounds found in the 
fury_sabers mod, made by [*|Fury-Plazma|*], but with many differences. Also 
made a new saber core, in which is much thinner then the normal core on all 
sabers. The blue saber has a slight color shade difference which is highly 
addictive for usage, I got this from the perfect sabers mod.

Time: 1 hr - For downloads and creating cores and editing sounds etc, and 
making this for you to read.


Shadow Rage Sabers
Version: 2.0 Beta

Updates: Fixed the core, because I had accidently put in a different core in 
version 1.0, sorry about that. Fixed the glow amount on all the sabers so 
they are all even, the game came with green yellow and orange slightly 
fatter then the other sabers, I fixed that so they are all the size of the 
blue saber. Also fixed the glow colors on most of the sabers, just made them 
more like a true color. Nearly the same color however, not a biggie, just 
looks better :P

Time: 30 minutes


Shadow Rage Sabers
Version 2.1 Beta

Updates: Made a new saber trail, you know, that blur of the saber after you 
attack, thats a trail. Its a lot better and goes easier on fps a lot. By the 
way if you hate saber trails and don't already know this, you can disable 
the saber trail, just type cg_sabertrail 0 into your console, the samething 
for speed, cg_speedtrail 0. I also double checked this version for glitches. 
If you spot one let me know. Last but not least, finished the readme your 
probably neglecting right now >.<

Time: 17 minutes


Shadow Rage Sabers
Version: 2.2 Beta

Updates: New and improved saber trail. Fixed the red glow a bit to match the 
others better. Saber cores fixed. Made a screenshot for file submission, the 
screenshot with the editing involved took 2 hours!

Time: 2 hrs 13 minutes


Shadow Rage Sabers
Version: Final

Updates: None. Ready to be released to the public. Thanks to ThC, I was able 
to test my sabers every step of the way in they're server (IP is currently:
All my thanks goes to my clan, RaGe, and again, ThC. Both for encouragement 
and compliments on my mod every step of the way.

Total Time: 4 hrs

Additional Information

Why Did I Make it?
I made this mod because of the sizes of the sabers all being different just 
annoyed the hell out of me. I also was getting quite bored with the sounds, 
and the colors were growing dull.

Report Bugs and Glitches! Contact me and inform me of the problem please! 
Contact information is at the bottum of the readme.

Usage: Just dump the sr_sabers.pk3 into the base folder for use. Works on 
pure servers even if they don't have the file, I haven't figured out as to 
why this happens as of yet.

Contact Information
Email -

Msnm -
Aim - shadowrage8
Icq - 169002333
Yim - shadowrage8

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