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Shadows of the Empire Escape from Echo Base

Unfortunately I haven't yet played the N64 version of Shadows of the Empire. I have it... maybe I should try it. I have played the PC versio...


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Unfortunately I haven't yet played the N64 version of Shadows of the Empire. I have it... maybe I should try it. I have played the PC version, however, and while I concede they are probably slightly different, the mapping styles probably aren't all that different. This map just seems... bland. And I haven't even gotten into the technical problems, of which there are many.

Why don't we cover those first? First of all: missing textures. There are quite a few, which you'll notice as you go along. Secondly, z-fighting. Quite a bit of that, as well, in various places. There are also misaligned brushes, holes in the map, and I didn't see a light that had a source anywhere in the map. Older games didn't worry about light sources, but with a newer engine (in comparison) that ought to be taken into account as a factor. Nobody said you couldn't spruce up an old concept by adding new detail when you have the power.

There are quite a few problems that are unrelated to the mapping as well. First of all the music doesn't work, mainly because the author didn't bother to include it in the PK3. As a single-player level it's also a bit difficult to get loaded - you have to load it as a mod, then load it up in the console as well. Having a batch file to do this for us would have been a heck of a lot simpler. Also Force has not been disabled, and you don't play as Dash Rendar (which is kind of a disappointment). This means you're basically a Jedi running around with a blaster on Hoth and no lightsaber. Then, to end off the level... nothing happens. You beat the end guy and you just sit there. You can go back and kill some stormtroopers if you want, because the level won't end itself.

Personally for something like this I would have suggested a crew of a few more people, or I would at least suggest the author gains a bit more knowledge about single-player mapping so he can get the level working 100% correctly. Having a SP map come out only half done is really kind of a bummer, especially when it's something as cool as Shadows of the Empire.

Note: Should you decide you want to play it, the read-me is incorrect in its play instructions. The map name is sote_echo_base1, not sote_echo_base.

New Textures: No New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: N/A


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Title: Shadows of the empire [SOTE] Escape From Echo Base 

Author: LT. Fuller

E-Mail: Jonathon@hotmail.com

File Name: sote_echo_base.zip
File Size: 1.30MB
Date Released: 24/04/06

For more see included movie
It is a time of crisis. Imperial
probes, scouring the galaxy
for the hidden Rebel base, have
discovered their outpost on the
remote ice world of Hoth.

Darth Vader, obsessed with
finding Luke Skywalker, has 
sent his forces to engage
 the Rebels in battle.

With the dreaded imperial 
Starfleet approaching, a lone
 freighter has entered the Hoth

This is my shadows of the empire map it is the second map of the n64 game. You are dash render a lone 
smugger how’s only friend is his ship droid leedo. And only allies with who has the most credits. You have been imploded by princes Leia to protect Luke skywalker. Who has the newest bounty on his head from the empire to capture alive, so he can be turn to the dark side of the force. But a most powerful dark figure has place a very large bounty on Luke as well but for him dead. Know one knows how or way but the names black sun, Endor, a grudge with Darth Vader and the most cruises Xizor the dark prince…

In this level you are escaping echo base on Hoth. After just leaving the battle for the shield generator, that stops the imperial fleet complete destroying the rebels. The generator has being lost but not before the bulk of the rebels have escarped. The base is almost deserted it is only filled with a small amount for imperial troops. You must get to your ship the outrider the power is down so you must get the back up and leave…

Place sote_echo_base folder in Jedi academy gamedata folder.
 Play academy select mod from Load Mod button in menu the type
Devmap sote_echo_base


You are supposed to play the game with the blaster pistol only

The boss has one problem A.I. will not kick in until fired on shot once with blaster, then get rocket lunch then fight

When you reach a dark hanger with the outrider in it. Its after the boss, you must end level I am sorry don’t know how to.





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