Shadows Of The Sith(SOTS) Darth Maul(DM)



This is actually a total conversion mod for Shadows of the Sith. Basically you get to play Darth Maul’s role in Episode One. You get to fly through sand, invade Theed, fight Qui Gon, and to basically everything that Darth Maul did in the movie, with the exception that you invade Theed, where in the movie you were already in it, and in this you win.

There are several missions in this mod, and I must say that the win/lose menu really confused me. It was the same message whether you died or won, and the menu was exactly the same. You could choose any mission to start with, so you could kill Qui Gon and then go fight him again. What kind of sense does that make? It doesn’t matter, I’d just like it more if you were forced to do the missions in a linear fashion.

The maps were simple, but the author does point out that he did most, if not all of putting this together by himself. The cinematics were simple, but at least there were cinematics for this. But in the majority this was a pretty fun total conversion, and is part of a series that is yet to be finished. So download it and try it out!





Mod Name: Shadows Of The Sith(SOTS) Darth Maul(DM)
Version: 1.00
File: SOTS--DM.zip
Creator/Author: ~JaY~
Co-Creator: Dr Z
Beta Testers: Drink, Vader and Dr Z
Trailer Support: Drink
Contact: [email protected]
Website: www.xzmod.proboards52.com
File size: 46700kb or 46.7mb
Date released - 12 December 2006 6:56PM AEST
Time to create: Nearly 6 weeks on and off.

 Dr Z: Thanks alot for your support through testing to helping with the development. In the two days towards the end, we had
 got through more done then I did in any other 2 days. Thanks =)

 Drink: I dunno where this mod would be without your help. You found more glitches then I did. Not only have you done that
 but your support kept the mod going. The trailers wouldnt have gone ahead without you. Trailer one was basically made by you
 lol so cheers man. Ill look foward to the future with your help.

 Vader: Vader did the least work out of everyone. To be honust he did practically nothing. lol. But he was more supportive and
 Nagging for info then anyone. For that I am greatful. He also was a good beta tester and helped with that. Thanks hoe ;)

 For everyones files I used. Thank you for giving permission to use. You can find there readmes in the Readme folder.
 Two everyone that helped support the mod. I truely thank you. Stay around for the Jango Fett mod ;) (Which is next one out) :o

..:MOD Info and Comments:..
Shadows Of The Sith -- Darth Maul is one of four mods which will make up to build the SOTS Total Conversion Series. This mod
was a first mod ever total conversion and single player mod I have ever made. I have seen several before and dont really like
most of the ideas and creativity. As far as detail in maps theres a bit of lackativity there. However, considering I just
learnt how to do half the stuff I did I hope you will respect the effort I have done. Keeping in mind putting everything
together was a one man job. The mod takes place in the episode 1 era. Maul is the main character. You carry out and fulfil many
of the missions.

The mod contains 6 Challenging levels which are based around the story of maul from episode one.
Various types of music throughout the levels.
Realistic models made by various famous modders. (look in readme folder to see credits to the great developers of them)
In every level there is a number which will help access the Password section in the main menu.
2 Secret Levels
New Menu
Ingame Cinematics
New end level system

This is the First Official mod of the XZMOD SOTS Total Conversion Series!

Place the SOTS--DM.Zip in your "GAMEDATA" FOLDER NOT BASE!!! Extract into your GAMEDATA FOLDER from there copy the 
SOTS--DM.bat file and paste into your GAMEDATA folder. Double click your SOTS--DM.bat to start the application.


Extract folder. From there open up your single player(JASP) then once it loads go to SETUP. Go down to MODS and double click
SOTS--DM. This will load the mod through singleplayer.


If your still having trouble installing go to www.xzmod.proboards52.com register. Then post in the Problems section.

Want to remove?
Copy all SOTS--DM files and press delete.



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