Shaï, the Cathar Jedi

=_= ANNIHILATION. Well, I must say that is definitely one of the more creative skins I've seen in a while. The author decided to take the...


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Well, I must say that is definitely one of the more creative skins I've seen in a while. The author decided to take the Silver Dragon model and reskin it into a cathar, or essentially, a cat-person for those unfamiliar with the race. For all those unenlightened KOTOR fanatics out there, Juhani was a less common strain, and did not necessarily represent the entire race's appearance.

So, first impression was actually quite good. While the head hardly suggests a feline shaped one, it definitely suggests that the majority of the head on the model is acting as a mask for the critter.

The armor here is pretty minimal, acting mostly for covering the essentials, leaving the torso exposed save for a bandolier. It looks brilliant, ignoring the slight texture mismatched in the tiger stripes.

Speaking of tigers, there are actually a number of versions of the skin. To be specific, we have:

- Tiger - White Tiger - Jaguar - Black Manther - Puma

All of which splendid, a particular favorite of mine being the Black Panther, as it makes the armor pieces feel like bone =_,= strangely enough, this skin made me learn a little something about black panthers. Those spots on there? Completely true O_o

I wouldn't say the sounds are spectacular, but they aren't bad either. I daresay you'll be thrown off by pain25, and they're all in .wav form, but otherwise, they befit a mighty and powerful beast.

Overall, you can hardly lose with this skin. It's quite impressive, and I could see a number of uses for it in a variety of fields. NPCs and Bots are the only thing missing, but otherwise it's a solid skinpack. Do your civic duty, and destroy the local vampire Sedan nearest you. Afterwards, acquire this file.

Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds: Aye Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Title: Shaï, the Cathar Jedi
Author: Jashugan

File Name: shai.pk3
File size: 7.26M
Date released: 13-08-2008

New Model: no
New sounds: yes
Team colours: yes
New shaders: yes
Bot support: No
NPC Support: no
New textures: yes
New icons: yes

Model: Eduardo / Manganiac 
Textures: Eduardo / Manganiac and Jashugan

Credits: - Manganiac for his good job on the silver dragon model. I enjoyed to work on it.
         - Xander for sounds from his catz-multiplayer model
         - Spanki for the readme file model (my first but not my last, it's the most difficult to do for me :p )


ROARRR! This is a reskin based on the  "silver dragon" model by Manganiac.
I have to explain: one of my friend in my team used to play a cathar jedi with the catz multiplayer model, but felt in love with the silver dragon model.
He thought this model can be taken as a cathar jedi, with a mask (wich correspond very well to his role-play story in fact). I decided to reskin it for his pleasure and mine.
Finally, the result is best than I thought at the beginning and it semms like a real cathar :) . 
I have only adapt the skin, change some textures colors and gave it new textures from tiger, panther, bear, jaguar, etc. 
I hope you'll have the same pleasure to play with that I had to make it.   
Some sounds are from the catz multiplayer model by Xander, and I added some (funny "maou" from a little cat when you're hurted less than 25 damages ^^)
You'll can find icons in your menu for each model, and team menu also.If you don't find it here is the model list:

/model shai/default (the tiger model)
/model shai/white (the white tiger model)
/model shai/jag (the jaguar model)
/model shai/panther (the black panther model) 
/model shai/puma (the puma model)
/model shai/red (witch is the puma model in red)
/model shai/blue (witch is the tiger model in blue)

Models include shaders by me.


Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer mod.


You don't have to ask me anything if you want to modify this skin; so do what you want, but don't forget to credit the original author of the model, Manganiac. 


I made several reskins since one year for my Team; this one is the first I send, but many others are following, just wait and see, the best is coming. :)


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