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Well, here we have a "Total Conversion" that should rather be placed under a hilt pack. Reason being is because that's all it is. It's a p...


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Well, here we have a "Total Conversion" that should rather be placed under a hilt pack. Reason being is because that's all it is. It's a pack full of swords from the show Shaman King that I choose not to watch. (The very name sounded handicapped, no offense.)

This pack isn't that bad, but since I didn't understand what was with the dome, I couldn't say what it is. I leave it to the masses who understand the crazy egg-like device. I did like the slight shielding thing. XD The modelling wasn't bad at all. The only thing bad with this was that the skinning job was poor. Then again, the author mentions this is a beta, so this hopefully will not be the final skinning job. Also, two of the six replacements did not work. I'd advise an adjustment of the .sab files and/or the directories to solve this. Moreover, I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but the blades were showing through the sword. If that was not the case, I'd turn those off. Finally, I'd advise an adjustment of the tag on the default katana without the egg as it is being held at an awkward angle.

All in all, It has promise. Like I said, I never watched Shaman King, but this seems to be an interesting mod. At its current state, I'd advise an offering of bandwidth to all interested in Shaman King, but all are welcome to check it out.

- Averus Retruthan

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Readme is the deal.

This is a Beta version of the Shaman King TCmod.

It is based on my favorite Anime cartoon Shaman King.

It contains saber hilts of:
-Yoh`s Sword of Light
-Yoh`s Oversoul LV1
-Yoh`s Oversoul LV2
-Spirit of Sword Large
-Spirit of Sword Small

I will repeat my self...this is the beta version...that is why the details are not so well.
But like I is the beta version.

Bugs:I don know if there are any bugs.Perhaps some saber hilts wont work on weaker computers.

Version 1 will be mutch better...And I will also make maps and skinn(if i can figure out how
to make the player model).

Have fun until the V1 mod will arive(already in progress).

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