Shaman King Weapons Pack 1

Yaaay, another one of those over-sized anime swords... I just CAN'T get enough of those, can you? Thus is a pack of four different swords,...


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File Description

Yaaay, another one of those over-sized anime swords... I just CAN'T get enough of those, can you? Thus is a pack of four different swords, or actually three, one of them just has two variations.

Let's start with the simple one shall we? I can't really tell what this is... It's kind of like a small sword... A dagger if you may, and it's covered in a rather simple red texture. That's about it... It's clearly unfinished so I look forward to seeing what it's actually supposed to be in a future release.

The second, actually complete part of the weapon pack are ''Small'' Spirit of (Ren?) Sword weapons. Neither are really that small, that is, until compared to the ''Normal'' sized one... :rolleyes: Now these look like your generic swords, save for the skinning, which is an almost plain red texture for the hilt, and a slightly opaque blueish-grey blade. The second version of the same weapon includes just the hilt, with a lightsaber for the blade.

And now the third and final subject in this here weapon pack is a Large Spirit of Ren Sword. It's usable as a staff, and again, no particularly outstanding skinning here, plain greens and greys are all you get. Personally when I played with it I felt like I was swinging around a huge, low-poly, piece of celery... But I'm sure that's not what this was meant to be...

Ah yes, but I saved the largest thing for last... The ''big'' faults of this pack. Basically, the author goofed on disabling the saber blades on every one of his models... So now every sword you play with has a saber trail, goes right through walls, and makes saber sounds... As an added bonus when you use the Spirit of Sword with an energy blade, you have a huge ding-dong, er, saber, right between your legs. Not that this kind of thing amuses me the least bit... No way. >_>

~Metall Pingwin

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Shaman King Weapons Pack 1
AUTHOR: Master Rookus (Rooko for short)
WEBSITE: none yet

FILENAME: shmnkngwpnspck1.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 21. May 2007

CREDITS: hm...well, to LSK for the idea...and Raven and LucasArts for the 
game, and.. Lee, for teaching me properly modeling...and
         maybe to some people who like this mod, or just my mods (if they 
would't have been, I would quit modding after the bad comments for my
         storm sword mod XD)

                          1. Extract this archive and copy the 
shmnkngwpnspck1.pk3 file.
                          2. Go to your JKA folder (to where you instaled 
it...the default is C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi 
Academy )

DESCRIPTION: Well, first, if you don't know Shaman King, go and buy some 
DVDs of it and watch.. or go to your favourite ANIME channel and watch.. 
Yes, it's an Anime...
             This mod gives you some of the weapons from it.. I made those, 
of wich I think that are most important... I know, the Level Big yoh's 
oversoul isn't complete.. ^^
             and, actually, I don't realy know how this mod looks, I haven't 
got JKA, just the asstets and the tools... my Testers told, it's amazing... 

BUGS: Not that I know any. It's just, that I don't know if it works in MP. 
in SP it works 100%. It has the Saber Menu Choice added, so.. you don't need 
to know how to use the console ^^.

COMMENTS: I don't realy have something to comment...but If you want to 
comment things, you can just write them on ^^


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