The legend of one named Zelda has inspired another creation. I'm sure all of those who played Ocarina of Time remember Sheik, right?...


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The legend of one named Zelda has inspired another creation. I'm sure all of those who played Ocarina of Time remember Sheik, right? Well, Some Random Guy decided that there are too few Sheiks for Jedi Academy. Namely, none at all. So he decided to make one. And this is what he ended up with.

Frankly, I'm disappointed. I can't say that this looks like Sheik by far. It's more like a cultist doing a shoddy cosplay of Sheik. The whole thing is a paintbucket job and even that's done poorly. I can only assume Guy here tried to paint hair over the cultist's face, but all he really did was paintbucket most of it yellow and left a tiny little piece uncovered. The outfit's painbucketed blue and white, with Sheik's armour decorations done with a shaky brush.

I don't see how anyone could consider this a done job. I cannot even begin to comprehend what convinced Guy that this looks good enough. The only thing I can, at this point, suggest is a lot of practice.

Also, it replaces the cultist. And it sounds like a woman.

It seems the whole skin is redone, in photoshop to boot. New model, new textures, but... dare I say only moderate improvement? Everything is still very much solid colors with no shading, and most of the detail still seems pretty sloppy. It seems the author just picked a round brush and started drawing rather than blocking out shapes appropriately. As a result the eye on the chest that should be nice and crisp actually looks more like a circle than an eye.

In the end this model really isn't a good choice for this character (in fact I think you were closer with the cultist model). It overwrites the prisoner elder for reasons unbeknownst to me, and has male sounds this time instead of female ones. As far as this skin is concerned my advice is thus: stop releasing skins, start practicing with your software, and don't release another skin until you're comfortable with your skills. Post your work on some forum or another and get critiquing and/or advice from seasoned authors. Don't just keep putting out work like this because you'll invariably just get frustrated when people tell you how much they don't like it.

Just as a side note for those of you who actually use the prisoner model (or play single-player) this skin will mangle those skins, even the non-Elder ones, so be warned. Next time I advise not overwriting an existing skin -- most people dislike it.

Team support: Mixed skin + Prisoner Bot Support: No NPC Support: Default Prisoner New Sounds: No


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Ok guys, last one. This is the one you have been waiting for, kind of.......... Sheik v3!!!!!!!!!
This is WAY better than that crappy old one with the blobby structure and all of that. And it's got some important 
aspects of the real Sheik in it. (By the way, thanks dad for your help in photoshop.) The mouth is a little screwed up, but other than that
it's ok, you know. This overwrites the Prisoner/elder model with Sheik. I spent like 4 hours on this thing, unlike my other model, which took 7 minutes.
Also, it messes with your prisoner model a lot, but not very many people use it, you know? 

Npc support: none 
Bot support: none
New sounds: prisoner's

By the way, don't complain about the front of the model, I accidentally used a glow thing and I couldn't undo it. =( Now the front is brighter than the back. Oh well.
It's not light, it's more of a fierce kind of Sheik. Something for those bots to be afraid of. YAY!

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