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The Cultist model seems to be a popular choice for many to reskin, but it also seems to be a difficult one to skin and really make look uniq...


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The Cultist model seems to be a popular choice for many to reskin, but it also seems to be a difficult one to skin and really make look unique. There's a little backstory on these two skins, Shinn and Elbram. You can read it in the readme. The default skins are fine. I guess my only real complaint is that they're not all that ... different. Especially from each other. All that's different is a slight colour change. I actually prefer the team skins for Shinn. The blue one has the most interesting look, I think.

There's no bot support, but there are some different sounds for these guys. Not necessarily new, but new for the Cultist.

Bot Support: No Team Colours: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download '' (2.15MB)

Unzip ShinnandElbram then cut and paste the pk3 into your /GameData/Base file.

This is a reskin of the cultist model.

Shinn and Elbram are two brothers, they were created on Camino,
at high cost to the man that wanted them created.

The DNA used to create them was collected from Jedi Masters many of the spies that got this genetic data died
however before their termination by the Jedi they were collecting the DNA from, they were able to pass the data on
or transmit the information.  And as such both the brothers are Force capable.

So Shinn and Elbram were created and put through the most advanced tactical and mental training known even to the
Caminoans, they recieved more training programs from the owner of Shinn and Elbram as he wanted the most advanced 
assassins there were to be in the known galaxy under his control.  Shinn and Elbram are both ruthless killers
and have been given many missions by thier Master and have come back successful each time.  The Master of the two
brothers happens to be a high member of the genoharradan and so the two brothers continue to be sent into the vast
reaches of the galaxy on a assassination mission for their Master and often bring back a trophy to give to him.
Many a lightsaber hangs from the walls of the brothers kills.

I appolgize for any mistakes in the spelling of some words this came from the top of my head :P.

If anyone wishes to change these skins your welcome but I ask you either contact me (unlikely anyone will) or change
them enough so they are do not look exactly like mine.

Thanks to raven (the company not the guy) for making the cultist skin that these are based on

author RageWulf{AF}

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